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Are You Saying Yes To Your Life?

Yes! What a powerful big little word. Saying “Yes!” to your life is not easy for many people. It is choosing to be a human being who wants to live your life out fully. It is a choice to embrace life, and what your soul is asking to express. It is to embody what you came […]

How Do You Envision Your Life?

This time of year there is a lot of discussion and advice about goal setting, self-evaluation, and taking stock, all for making the best use of the “Fresh Start” for the New Year. However, for me, this is not something I do only in December to prepare for the New Year. It is something I do all the time and all year long. I take stock, I make adjustments, I goal set and then create an action plan, and lastly, I act in any way possible to get me that much closer to my visions.

The Holidays Can Bring Love & Happiness To You!

How do you let go of what was and step into the present joy that is all around you? By deliberately shifting your feelings! You shift your feelings by focusing on your thoughts. Your thoughts, the ones you pay attention too, are what are making you sad, anxious, depressed, despondent or angry. These thoughts create emotions in the body either positive feelings or not so positive feelings that bring you down, such as anger, stress, sadness etc. Your thoughts are clinging to what was, reminding you of what you don’t have, don’t want or are missing from your life. It is not possible to bring in joy, happiness and all the things you do want from this place of pain.