A New Life & Vision

When I think about my life and how I envision the next 45 years, what will it look like? How do I want to design it? What do I truly want it to look and feel like? I know I my life have had its share of challenges, health issues such as breast cancer, addictions to cigarettes, food and codependent relationships, a job that has never satisfied me, and inconsistent abundance. So how am I designing the next 45 years? I know that I have been clearing and removing the past, freeing myself from all addictions, creating perfect health and now I am creating my business. I am bringing in all the things I love about myself and letting go of the pieces that do not serve me as I move forward. I however, have a totally new vision on how I Envision My New Life. The life I am creating and what I envision looks like this:
It is a life of abundance, prosperity, perfect health, speaking my truth, clarity of purpose and most of all freedom. Freedom to design my days and my time.

Freedom to choose what part of the world or the United States I want to be in at any given time along with the choice to work or play when I want and not on someone else’s schedule. I choose to have more choice and the financial prosperity to support that choice. I am free from addiction, and toxic relationships. I only call in my highest and best good and live in abundance, love and perfect health.

I make all decisions based on if the action is in line with my core values of Truth, Honesty Integrity, Health, and Freedom.

Do you ever take some time out and write what would you like for your life? Do you know your core values? Start there. Write out 5 things that you must have in any action you take or any relationship you have. Then, think about: What would you do with you time? How would your life purpose manifest itself? Maybe you are living your life purpose, but are stuck in other areas of your life such as a toxic relationship, or tied to specific location? Maybe you desire to be by the ocean but you live in a city surrounded by metal. I have recently gained an understanding and acceptance from my Soul Therapy Training that I am not a victim of others actions or happenstance or circumstances. I am the designer and creator of my life. I call upon myself experiences that force me to grow and change.
Now that I am armed with this clarity around my complete responsibility for my life as its creator, I have been envisioning the life of my creation which premise rests on being a voice for Women in the world who do not have one. I choose to fully express my voice and not hide in the shadows any longer. I am here on the planet to assist in the Global Transformation by not only bringing more light to the planet through me, but to continue to shift my vibration to higher levels as to help shift and bring other women with me. By doing this I would be privileged to assist women in their desire to improve themselves, their spirit, and find their own voice as I am finding mine.
I realized on a recent trip, where I was privileged to meet so many wonderful women, that they like me were ready for big changes. They were all looking for their voice, their way of expressing themselves in the world. Some were highly successful lawyers, bankers or entrepreneurs; others were stay at home Moms who are now divorced or widowed. One common thread seemed to run through every conversation was their desire for change but not radical change, such as a change in the house of their marriage, but to another house of similar size and in the same neighborhood. The missing element was in the desire to design and be fully conscious in the creation of what comes next or how can they be of service in the world? Are they living the life of their dreams or did their dreams just get smaller as they have reduced their expectations as the ocean smooths and dulls sharp edges of stones?

My life has been very similar to the waves of the ocean. The waves come in bringing new adventures, love, prosperity, and opportunity and then the waves retreat and things stop and life stands still or they come back in with challenges and growth opportunities.

The ocean waves mold and shape me and reduce those hard edges as I emerge as a softer feminine version of my harder New York self, and I love my full expression of this gentler, kinder and enlightened Carolyn. She has power, light and happiness. She desires to serve and fully express herself in the world.

So the life I envision for myself, that has emerged from the vast ocean that is my life, as a conscious decision to wake each day and ask the Universe “how can I be of service?” “How can I show up and fully be a voice for those women and men who are suppressed and have no voice?” How can I assist Women Entrepreneurs to get unstuck, end toxic relationships, create prosperity and abundance, and heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, so they too can be fully expressed in the world for others, for their loved ones and for themselves?

In the end, I choose a life that is one with nature, using fully all my Shamanic abilities, my Soul Therapy Training, my clairvoyant and empathic nature, my ability to listen and to coach on assisting you to create and live your life to the fullest. I am creating a life of freedom, prosperity, and perfect health emotionally, physically and mentally. Lastly, I’m envisioning a life that I am on purpose every day and continuing to grow as a spirit and as a woman.

I wish what you desire to be manifested for yourself also.

Blessings and love,

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