Who Is Your Authentic Self?

The first time I asked my authentic self what she wanted for her life, I didn’t have clue who she was and what she desired. It made me stop in my tracks and begin to find out more about her. I started to explore how I viewed myself and what I really wanted from my […]

Are You Saying Yes To Your Life?

Yes! What a powerful big little word. Saying “Yes!” to your life is not easy for many people. It is choosing to be a human being who wants to live your life out fully. It is a choice to embrace life, and what your soul is asking to express. It is to embody what you came […]

How Do You Envision Your Life?

This time of year there is a lot of discussion and advice about goal setting, self-evaluation, and taking stock, all for making the best use of the “Fresh Start” for the New Year. However, for me, this is not something I do only in December to prepare for the New Year. It is something I do all the time and all year long. I take stock, I make adjustments, I goal set and then create an action plan, and lastly, I act in any way possible to get me that much closer to my visions.