Courageous Souls ~ The Women Who Came Before

Life-Magazine-1939-WilmaHer framed picture hangs before me, I see her every morning as she watches me get dressed and ready for the day ahead as I head out into the city, talk with customers over the phone or prepare dinner beside the wide open city night landscape. Wilma Wallace, the first everyday woman in America to be on Life Magazine in 1939 the following month was Grace Kelley. Wilma was a Courageous Soul, and she was also my Grandmother.

Today, Wilma’s Life Magazine cover, “The War Issue” is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. at an Exhibition of Life Magazine Covers, her issued number #35.

I recognized my Courageous Soul as I stood at the top of Macchu Picchu in Peru. I had been on a 10 day Spiritual Sacred Journey with Soul Therapy School®.  I had committed myself to embodying my Courageous Soul and empower myself to override the terror and fear that has kept me crippled inside not knowing how I am going to live my souls purpose, not understanding the steps along the way. How to harness my talents and abilities to be of service was still a mystery.  How was I going to move past my own story? I realized on the top of the world that anything is possible, that life is what you decide you are going to make it and through pure intention, you can create the life you dream.

With this intention, I started to think: How was I going to use my time? I realized that my future is solely determined by the choices I will make every day, and what I will chose to do with my time.  How was I going to use my free time, and my gifts on my return to the States? Would I listen to my Inner wisdom that was propelling me forward to write, to communicate, to be a Soul Therapist, Teacher, Healer, and Past Life Regressionist? Would I choose to lead other women out of their pain, their suffering, anxiety, worry as I have personally done for myself, or would I continue on the same path I had been on going one way to no where special? I chose to be of service.

Now, every single time the voice in my head that really enjoys telling me that I will never be this woman I chose to be, that it is a pipe dream, a made up fantasy, the voice gets very load and more fearful in tone.  It is my inner signal now that tells me I must be getting closer to my dream and success, because that voice, my EGO gets very very load right before a big shift, a release, a letting go and a BIG Leap forward! I have learned that Fear is my signal to move forward not to run away! Peru changed my whole mental, emotional, spiritual and physical outlook in regards to my future. It made it real.  My purpose was anchored into me now, and there is no going back from my future because it is now my present. I had to walk courageously into the unknown.

I ask myself sometimes, how did I get to be Courageous? Where did my courage come from? Then I remember that I am fortunate to have come from a line of very strong, smart and resourceful women, who survived hardship, poverty and the unknown to make a life for themselves. 

My Great Grandmother, Helen Wacholzd, (I use to call her Nanny) was from Czechlsolovackia, and she came over on The Carpathia, on the same ship which had rescued some of the people on the Titanic which sunk in to dark cold sea.  Nanny was on The Carpathia the same night as the rescue! My Nanny came to America with nothing but a dream.  She did not speak the language nor did she have any money when landing on Ellis Island.  However, Nanny made a life for herself in America, powering through her fear as she started out as a housekeeper in Beacon, New York where she eventually got married and had my Grandmother Wilma and my Uncle Frank.  Wilma began her life growing up on a farm, and eventually they made it down to Brooklyn Avenue where my Grandmother Wilma was able to shine and became what is known today as a Super Model, a Show Girl and later a Photographer taking pictures of weapon parts in a Factory for the War Machine during World War II. My Grandmother broke the mold at the time and was always a woman who supported herself and her family.

I draw my strength, courage, and ability to overcome many obstacles and challenges that life has thrown my way from these women, as my own Mother had done.  No mater what was in front of them, they survived and thrived. They made a life for themselves, and provided for their families. I honor their legacy by living as a Courageous Soul, with Love, Will Power, Honesty, Integrity, Truth and pure Grit.

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How are you living courageously? I would love to hear. Please share your story below.

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