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I do believe in Past Lives with my whole being. In truth, I never believed the stories in which we are told that we have one life to live and then its over. Darkness, or nothingness or maybe Heaven to hang out in for eternity are some of the ideas of what happens to us after we leave this body.  None of the explanations made sense to me ever.  When I was seven years old, I remember distinctly thinking that there is no way that we are here on Earth to learn so much through our lives starting at learning to walk and talk, to learning advance equations, to understanding other people, to learn to be a good person and so much more to just die with no transition to something greater.  Where does all that knowledge go? Where do all those thoughts and memories go to?  Even at 7 years of age I knew in my heart there was way more too it then what was being relayed to me, and in that moment my soul imprinted me with that knowledge of remembering I am here to learn, grow and continue on my soul’s evolutionary journey as you are here to do as well.

So now armed with the knowledge that I have been here before, over and over, what was I before? What patterns do you need to heal and clear? Where are my past lives coming up to be forgiven and released? I know this for sure, that each lifetime is for our Soul’s growth and for it to learn all aspects of itself.    Every lifetime is a gift and an opportunity to advance our Soul’s purpose, to help others and to assist the Earth.  To say, I do not have to heal this aspect of myself now, or expand my thinking with this, or move past an old ingrained pattern now, or I’m not going to deal with this issue now because I can just deal with it in the next life is really a cop-out.  Why would you want to keep reliving a pattern that causes pain and discomfort? Why would you not want to heal that very pattern or pain point so you can live more fully in this life?  Free from the past and your story?

I always thought it was funny, when people say, “I was told this was my last life if I choose.”  A woman I use to know, use to say that about herself,  as a lot of others do, and I would kind of giggle to myself because she could barely take responsibility for her own life and her body in this life, why would she be “done” and not have to come back?  It is also interesting because the truth is there is a lot more evolving to do for all of us.  There is evolving on all levels.  We has humans are only using 5-10% of our brain capacity at this stage of our evolution. Why would we think we are ready to not have work to do?  I personally would like to keep expanding and growing so as to have greater awareness, more joy, more abundance in this life. Wouldn’t you?  Would you ever want to squander a second of this life, and do this pain again?  It doesn’t make sense to me, so for me, I have found Past Life Regression to be a powerful and revealing experience  of self understanding in which to free myself from my past, to understand a new aspect of myself and to get on with my life in a more empowered way.



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To give you an example, one of my clients came to me of feeling disconnected from his family, and  his mother in this life.  When going back in the past,  he was not the only one who this has come up for, this inability to make deep soulful connections.  As we went back in time, the person was a male in the past life and saw that he did not have any emotional connection or attachment to this past  family along with any affinity for his children, and when his wife left him after losing his job, he died alone with little money.

In that lifetime, he saw himself  as never having strived to do anything significant or had he taken any risks, because when had tried one time, it didn’t work out so he gave up, and never felt any push to try again out of fear of failing.  He never really embraced life, or connected with others, nor did he choose to make a passionate career choice.  He gave up in that life and just lived it through until the end where he passed on alone.  This experience was carried over and brought forth into this lifetime to heal those aspects within his patterning.  This is where by going back to that past lifetime he learned on a Soul level that by dying alone with no money, no emotion and no attachment that the Soul lesson was an important one.  He learned that he should not have wasted a minute of living and that he should have engaged with those around him, or they will leave, to not be afraid to take risks to create opportunity, to not be lazy but you must work toward you goals.

By viewing that lifetime, my client was able to forgive himself for not feeling the need to connect to his wife, forgive the lack of love for his children and free himself from the guilt over squandering a lifetime.  The great thing is that in this lifetime, he is a very different person with some similar issues. He is working on not allowing the desire to be lazy and procrastinate take over his being, he attempts to keep his relationships and is doing better at connecting with others even though it doesn’t come naturally or easy to him.  He left the regression feeling more empowered and free, and went on to get a great job that he really wanted, and to see if a new budding relationship would succeed.

The amazing thing about the universe is that we are given as many chances as we need to get it right. I believe with my whole heart that the faster we heal our past, and release our guilt, shame, pain or sadness from the past, the lighter and more space we have within our bodies to be present in this life.  When you are present to yourself and others in your life, you are fully embodied, and this embodiment gives you the ability to be a conscious creator in your life and your future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you have freed your self from the past and your interest or experience with Past Life Regression.




  1. Hello Carolyn,

    Your story as a child resembles a lot my story! When I was a kid (since I remember myself actually), I would give advice to my parents concerning their relationship because they kept arguing about different matters. Needless to say that I told them that I am not their child but I am merely here to help them learn a lesson. I will never forget the first glimpses of past lives I had while looking in their eyes.

    I will agree with your views concerning life. People believe that they are punished by God or any higher being and they are stuck here on Earth. They refuse to take any responsibility about their actions as they always find something or someone to blame. I had clients who tried to vent for 30 mins or more about how their life is bad and how there is nothing they can do about it. Though what amazes in humans is that although they whine, they subconsciously feel that there is hope. So I always find a way to remind them that.

    Past life regression is an amazing tool as it helps us realize that we are infinite. We are not punished by anyone but merely by own actions. What is happening today is at least 50% of the consequences of our actions and the rest of 50% is how others interact with us. When we all realize on how much power we have in our hands to change our lives on a positive way, we will start enjoying life more!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with your client! Keep it up with the great work!


    • Thank you Zaria! So well put! It is up to us all to take responsibility for our lives, and our creations. It is up to heal ourselves, and seek ways that assist in our healing, and to shift us out of our pain and suffering into joy and abundance. Past Life Regression is a very powerful tool to allow a person to shift energy that is looking to be healed and released.

      Thank you!

      Love & Light,


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