Empower your Team to be Self-Sufficient

Think back, it might not have been long ago to the time you began managing your own business, you probably needed to assume lots of roles. You might have been in charge of marketing, product design, finances, and all the different functions in between. When your company has expanded, however, you will have the benefit of hiring employees to work with you in these job functions. It is now your responsibility and job to establish in them the same kind of self-reliance you had at the time you began, so that they are driven to achieve success though enjoyment, love and concern in their job.

If you’re able to empower your workers in becoming more self-sufficient, they are going to be more inspired, happy, and dedicated. They will have the opportunity to create and inspire.  They will feel in control over their world and responsibility towards their future and their role.  By managing the circumstances they encounter in the workplace by problem solving and also appropriately using team members and you as a sounding boards, more work is being delegated to an expert you have hired and your employee will feel more fulfilled and in control

Simultaneously, you would not want to give your employees so much freedom that you eventually lose complete control of your business and it runs amock! You will still want them to trust your leadership and know you are the ultimate decision maker. That it is your show. Therefore, how could you enhance your employees’ freedom without letting go of your entire control over your business?

          Ponder on these tips:

  • Set Objectives– As your company grows & expands, you will need to formalize many of the processes to have it run smoothly.  Some of this can be created by the very people who will have to follow the processes.  It is a great way to get them engaged by creating how “they” being the expert. For Example: Allowing the Billing Dept. To decide how they will structure how invoicing will be handled, allows the Billing Dept. to best structure work flow, which will allow for efficiency and thoroughness. However, too much process can stop these very people in your company from having the ability to adapt to changes or new scenarios. Rather than developing an atmosphere where there is zero room intended for creativity, do the contrary. Create objectives for a task, give the pointers on its quality, purpose, and deadlines, then let your employees take care of the rest. Although it may not end up the same manner you thought, the process your employees utilize can be every bit as good as what you have in mind and maybe better because they are the experts you hired to do the job!
  •  Permit No’s and push backs – You’re managing a prosperous business, therefore it is apparent you are enthusiastic about your ideas and concepts. However, do not get a little obsessive or controlling by declining to hear the suggestion of other people. There will be instances when one person has a much better idea than yours. Allow your employees to have the freedom to discuss and argue with your approaches. It would be much better than having employees who knows nothing to yes you and lose out on a great idea that could save or make your company a lot of money!
  •  Recognize Your Limits– If you hire new staff for specific tasks, there might be a chance they do know more with regards to the job than you do. As you could have a college degree in marketing, and are exceptional at positioning products, launching new ones and bringing customers into the company, and say you are not an expert in Finance.  You will need to hire the Financial Adviser to manage the revenue, the books etc. so they might have the advantage with regards to financial management. Recognize your limitations and realize that even when you might not comprehend every move they generate, you just have to trust them as long as they seek your approval in their endeavors by running things by you.
  • Allow Flexibility. Your employees will be happier if you let them work at their own pace. As an employer, you must realize the importance of a working environment that maintains a healthy work and life balance. You can also integrate workplace flexibility. This can lessen employee turnover, increase profits, and enhance customer satisfaction. According to When Work Works Survey, employees engaged in flexible workplaces experience greater job engagement and satisfaction, utmost desire to stay with the company, lesser stress levels, and better well being.
  • Let your employees be heard.  Create an overall environment of informational exchange and creation opportunities.  This can be done with meetings, creating discussion areas, an open door policy, along with truly listening to their suggestions and acting on their inquiries, etc. This will allow for an organizational culture to be created, wherein your employees’ personalities and talents will shine and their voices heard. This will also provide the space and platform people need to truly feel important and engaged, and happy.

Employees are the best assets of a successful company. When your employees are happy, they are more productive. Business owners must realize that paychecks and bonuses are not the only essential components to an employee. Like all others, people thrive when they have a purpose. They want to believe that their daily tasks bear a purpose and a greater good. Don’t you?