Generational Healing® Demonstration Evening



**** I really enjoyed the Generational Healing® Live Demonstration night. Carolyn is very blessed and I loved the way she performed the healing. I have never experienced a healing session like a Generational Healing®. I received many messages that night.  – Joanne B.

**** I attended the Demonstration of Generational Healing® because I was curious after attending a Soul Therapy Workshop with Carolyn.  Having no expectations, I was surprised to be chosen for the healing session and it was a very lifting experience.  Learning of the pain of an ancestor helped me feel relief in areas of my own life that have been a question for me.  I felt the energy through my body during the session and hearing the ancestor story, there were parallels to recent unexplained emotions and physical feelings.  After the session and discussion with Carolyn, I felt an amazing emotional release, a more relieved heart with less heaviness and a sense that I can move forward with more ease.  With Carolyn’s confident and compassionate attention, she ensures you are comfortable, feels safe and in good care. – Nancy D. 

**** I met Carolyn at one of her Generational Healing® sessions. She was invited to come and present to us her work at one of my bi-weekly meetups. She introduced us to Generational Healing®. I haven’t heard of this type of healing before, and I was eager to find out more. After she introduced us to this method, she kindly picked two people on whom to do the healing. For my great surprise, I was the second one. She did the energy healing, saying that Maria (an ancestor of mine) was the one who needed the healing most, that’s why she picked me. 

After the healing, I was feeling lighter and in much better mood. The next day I was driving on a new for me route. When I stopped at a traffic light, to my delight and astonishment I saw a restaurant, named Maria, and on the whole wall there was a beautiful picture with big sunflowers, butterflies and a restaurant in the background. This was a sign for me – that Maria was healed and released from her sadness. As the days went by, I definitely started feeling more joyful and energized. Thank you, Carolyn!!  – Julianna T. 

**** Results may vary from person to person