How Do Polarities Show Up In Your Life?

Moray - Sacred Valley, Peru

Moray – Sacred Valley, Peru

As I stood in the very center of the smaller of the three Moray spirals in the Sacred Valley of Peru, I felt the energy of the earth grab my legs hard and shoot up my feet all they way up through my thighs to my heart center and out my crown. It was the most incredible sensation.   I then spun around and around feeling the polarities of the place while making silly sounds that were echoed back to me in perfect harmony.  The unique circular pattern of these terrace’s in Moray are thought to have been created by the Incas for 3 purposes, one being to use meditation energy and sound to enhance the food’s nutritional value and growth. A second purpose was to experiment with sounds healing and energetic properties, and the last was to align this circular energy field in combination with sound to increase vibrational energy along a unique grid line aligned with the Sacred Valley, which would then travel through this line of energy through the Valley and all that lives and grows there.

I stood in the middle of this circle spinning as if I was a child again with my arms out stretched, feeling energy, and seeing how it works in my body. As then energy moved through my body, I couldn’t help but think about of the majestic beauty of the place and how the design pattern harnesses the Earth’s energy in such a powerful way that it was able to move through my body in such a surge that it realigned my internal polarity with Mother Earth.  This experience profoundly reminded me of how much I love connecting to the Earth, along with her healing powers, and learning her mysteries.  Amazing too that the Inca’s were so aware of their own health and their bodies to experiment on how to make food even more nutritious using sound.



Reluctantly walking back to the bus to head back to Pisac, not wanting to leave after such a profound experience, I was brought back to my childhood, to little Carolyn and my love of being outside in nature, being healed every day by the wind, the trees, the Sun and all the Elemental beings that tend to the flowers, trees, rocks and grass with love and devotion.  As the bus started to head back after an amazing day the conversation turned to how we live now in the Western world. I’m sure you have had this conversation at some point on how we are expected to eat sub-nutritious food, some toxic filled with chemicals, our lives filled with stress and expectations others have imposed on us? We started to discuss all the pressure on what we should eat, how much sleep we should get, how many hours we are expected to work, the society’s imprint of what being a good parent means today, the over conditioning of our children to the point of their exhaustion, and anxiety…all theses rules on how to live, we are so out of whack we don’t even know what our bodies need, what she is asking for to satisfy her, how we actually feel about anything, and don’t even think to ask ourselves what do we actually desire and start creating it.   And sometimes, we ask ourselves too late, and disease has been created in the body such as intestinal issues, anxiety, depression, heart problems and possibly cancer.

I know for me, I have always been told what to do, with very little thought to if it was right. I went to the doctor on time for all my check ups, I took the medicine the prescribed, and I did as I was told.  I did not question that maybe I didn’t need a particular medicine. For example, I had some allergies one year, so I started taking allergy medication, and over the course of 15 years, I wound up on 4 different kinds! It turned out, the medication was hurting my stomach so badly that I actually thought I had IBS for 15 years.  What I was actually having was a reaction to the all the medications.  Ridiculous! Seriously! I took myself off all of them with a suggestion of a trusted adviser, and proceeded to get hives and itch for three weeks.  Then when all that medication finally left my body, I was 110% fine. I take homeopathic now for my allergy symptoms, and I have never felt better. I do not have IBS.  I guess I never did. Hysterical. All that money I spent on those medications! After having this experience, I started questioning all my medications and working the doctor to make sure I was only taking what was absolutely necessary and even then I was able to switch from a synthetic formula to a more natural one. This improved my energy greatly.   I spoke up for myself and it worked!  However, I do still believe in getting my check ups but I do not blindly follow what they want me to do, I ask questions, I say no.  I see if there are other solutions before just saying yes. They don’t have all the answers, and they are not Gods.  They actually come out of medical school with one class in nutrition and health.

IMG_1734Have you ever felt like you are trapped by all the “shoulds”? Do you ever feel as if you have space to create what you would like to see for yourself and your being? I know for me, I am guilty of blindly being led by my conditioning, to do as I am told which includes: go to the doctor, go to school, come out of school, get a job, save in your 401k, be a good girl, don’t speak up, don’t be loud, don’t be seen to bright someone might get intimidated…on and on. So, one day, I woke up, and said NO MORE! I’m on my own path, with my own life, with my own body and with the help of my Guides, my friends, my Sister, my Nephew, my Teacher, my Soul and the Universe, I make decisions based on what’s best for my body, and what it wants to do because it knows how to attract abundance and to give me the very thing I seek perfect health and freedom.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a world as the Inca’s did so long ago that started with nutritious food filled with positive energy, no preservatives and GMOs?  This will allow for our bodies to be strong and healthy and then we can go from there. We can say yes to what our bodies want and say no to the conditioning. We really can create the life as we Dream it even with all the polarities that show up!

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