Is Your Shame Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Human beings are meant to be happy and to experience joy daily.  Are you truly happy every day?  Every new day is a really a gift, a gift of life.  Each day when you awake happy and excited for a new adventure, you will function at a higher vibration and will be able to manifest your dreams with less effort.  Get excited about your life and a new day!  I know one thing for sure, we all deserve happiness and to wake up joyful and looking forward to the day, not just once in awhile, but every day.  However, for many people waking up feels like a burden or a sort of resignation to one’s own life.  This hurts my heart.   I personally had this experience for a while at one time in my own life, where each day felt heavy and a burden until I realized that something had to change.  Where was my joie de vie?
When we were sparkly little girls or boys, life was exciting. We couldn’t wait to experience the day, see our friends, play, learn, and so much more.  The unfortunate thing is that little by little that sparkle gets dimmed by a variety of events, such as a teacher’s negative comment, a friend’s jealousy, a parent who has addictions or was dysfunctional at best. Maybe you actually felt unsafe in your own home, or you were told you are not smart, or “who do you think you are?”, or any number of ways you could have been on the receiving end of an unfortunate experience/exchange. These events get stuck energetically within your emotional, mental and physical body, sometimes through lifetimes.
To cope, we hide these words or experiences deep within ourselves because they cause us to feel shame.  Shame, in all its forms, can shut you down in a millisecond and prevent you from experiencing joy.  It has the power to stop you in your tracks by blocking self-love and keeps you from your authentic self by locking you in the subservient energy of being a victim to the origin of the shame.   There is always some fear, I’m sure, of not wanting to acknowledge or forgive what caused the shame either by your actions or the actions of another.  Shoving down or ignoring your shame shows up in your own addictions, such as overeating, undereating, substance abuse, or unresolved rage, victim mentality, and so much more.
There are so many layers to how the shame emotion gets created, and then stuck in a perpetual loop.  It is even difficult to write about and find the right words.  The topic has been on my mind for a long time now, and I have struggled with how to best communicate its insidious soul crushing ways, and how it can be healed within you. 
Have you ventured into the darkness of your body, heart and emotions to look for what makes you feel shameful?   Shame is more than being embarrassed; it is what you want to forget but it won’t let you.  I have observed as a Soul Therapist, Past Life Regressionist, a friend, and a woman myself how deeply and profoundly shame can crush dreams, keep people locked in the past and terribly afraid to move forward.  It is a heart wrenching subject to me because, as I have observed, shame can get buried so deep that you lose track of it and forget it is there.   The good news is that when you bury something really deep, it will continually show up, asking to be acknowledged, remembered, forgiven, and then released. There is healing in bringing light to that darkness. Most of the time, the shame becomes bigger than the original event.  When you actually do bring it out to the light, you realize that you can handle the remembering of the off-handed comment, the fear, or the abuse.
Shame weighs you down energetically, like an anchor around your heart.  The thing about shame is that most of us have some tucked away deep within, from events that we like to think are unique to us, or we are the only ones.  We find by sharing that we are really not that different or unique.  Stuff happens.  People hurt other people, or our parents weren’t perfect, or we did get hurt, we were afraid, we were victimized, or we did something shameful to someone else, such as being a bully or being mean to someone at some time in our lives.  We’ve all done things that we may have regretted the second we acted shamefully. 
The fact is, that we don’t learn and grow without having challenges or making mistakes.  The key is that we need to take our shame out of the secret dark recesses of our being and bring it into the light.  Then, bathe it in forgiveness for yourself or another person. If you need to seek help to access your shame, please do. I promise you will feel lighter, happier, and will have a general, overwhelming feeling of well being. Shame has to go, and when it does, you will increase your self-love, experience more joy, and create the life you dream for yourself. 
I love to hear from you on how you have overcome shame in the comments below.

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