Journey To Self Love – Self Celebration

Module III 

Key Ingredient #3:  Self-Celebration

My last Main Ingredient to Self Love is Self-Celebration. Celebrate you and all the wonder that is you! How do you even begin? What does it mean to celebrate you??

It means to do things that make you happy, that creates vitality in your soul, spirit and body.  Celebrating you is the way you reward yourself for your hard work and efforts. It celebrates your perfection, and magnificence, and gives back to you the energy and love you so desire. Self-Celebration is not about waiting for someone to take you on a date or for that once and a long while spa gift certificate. It is building into your life rituals and rewards that take care of you, that nourish your soul and your being, and that which supports you in your life. It is about creating ways that celebrate your beauty, that increase your inner glow, that give you energy and love of life.

Some of the ways I celebrate me is when I have had enough of everyone, I take myself to the movies and I buy a small popcorn and water. I make sure to pick a movie that I would enjoy so much, and have been anxiously waiting to see but don’t want to wait one more minute for someone else to go with me, and hope they want to see it too.  This way I don’t have to share my experience with anyone. It’s mine to celebrate.

I love to celebrate me by putting on a webinar or module of a class I am taking or an audio book I have downloaded and I walk for 2 hours at the lake or in the country. I love to also take walks with a friend and catch up. Nature and walking is a wonderfully rejuvenating experience.
I celebrate me by making sure I take care of my body and I make sure without fail that I get 5 works outs in a week.  A bad week is 4!  This makes me feel good about myself and helps me to celebrate how strong and vital I am in my mid-40s while the 20 year olds are dropping like flies in class.

I celebrate myself by finding a lovely quiet nail salon to get my mani/pedis.  I use to go to one that was very rushed and busy. I found a better one that is prettier with nicer people working there and I feel relaxed and pampered when I leave. Plus their mani/pedis last way longer!  I love to get a massage or a quarterly facial. They make me feel sexy and pretty. It is important for me to celebrate my femininity and honor the Goddess within.  These too are great ways for you to honor the Goddess within you, and embrace her and show her your appreciation.

I celebrate myself by taking myself a couple times a year to sacred locations around the world or on active vacations.  I want to see the world and meet people.  I don’t want to sit all day on a beach.  I like to do that for a day or so but I love to explore and learn and see.  I love Bike Tours to exotic countries such as Tuscany in Italy, or Costa Rica. I treasure my ski vacations out to the Rockies of the US and love the expansive land and me alone out there in the snow.  It allows me to celebrate my love of the outdoors, my bravery, my strength and power of my body as I usually am skiing solo.  Taking yourself on vacation is vital to show yourself you are your best company, that you are so important that you take yourself away!

I love Spiritual Renewal Trips that rejuvenate my Soul, connect me to Spirit, and where I am able to connect to the ancient wisdom of these sacred locations such as Chichen Itza, Mexico and the Sacred Valley of Peru.   I believe in going to sacred tribal lands in the US and visit Sedona often, and have experienced the Red Rocks of Utah.  The land is alive in these locations and I am able to tap into this energy and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul in these special places.  I am in not into party drinking vacations that turn into 10lbs of extra weight that I have to take off when I get back home, and I come back more tired then I when I left.   My time not working is my sacred space and I choose to do it by revitalizing my Soul, learning about new cultures, seeing new places, learning the history.  I use this time to grow and expand in my awareness, to uplevel my vibration. I have had major shifts and life altering experiences on my last two trips this year to Peru and Mexico.  I believe in my heart that my life and your life are precious and time is short. I want to make the most of my time here as Carolyn in this body, in this sacred life.

Other simple ways I celebrate me are by curling up with a great novel, or a self- improvement book or a book on Power Animals.  I am very partial about anything that assists me in creating abundance, changing my mind chatter, to create positive new connections in my brain. I love listening to my teacher and coach Deborah Skye’s workshops and webinars.  She has taught me so much.

If I am lucky to be in a place where nature abounds, I love to sit out under the stars and count shooting stars while I try to remember constellations. I love to watch the Moon.  In the city, I step out on my terrace and look at the lights on the building and find the Moon if I can. I say good night to the Sun every day since my apartment faces west and I reveal in the most magnificent sunsets.

I celebrate my life by enjoying and being fully present for my nephew. We talk and watch movies. I always make time for him and our one on one time.  I have made special memories with him such as walks in the woods or the night we went sleigh riding with only the lights of the house guiding us down the hill!
I cherish my time with my Sister and we make sure to spend as much quality time as we can when we are together.  This is very important to both of us. We also make sure to talk as much as possible and feel as connected as if we live in the same city still.

I dance while brushing my teeth. I sing and dance walking down the street. I smile and talk to babies and the check out women and men in stores. I make life fun every minute I can.  This is how I celebrate me: I bring my joy and laughter to every moment of my day as much as in my control.  It is not that I am not serious often, but I am present and available to myself and those around me.  I am able to laugh with ease and through my tears. This is an accomplishment.  I even celebrate having work to do or a client I can help because I am healthy and capable and still here! That is how I celebrate.

I celebrate my life and me by being present in my body and by not trying to run away from it or escape it.  I go into it, ground myself firmly on the Earth, and I do my best to not flying around outside of it because the wisdom of the Universe is inside of each one of us. All you have to do is stop running away from you!

I have learned to go back in and embrace myself. I celebrated my gifts, my talents, my sense of humor, my big compassionate heart, my family, my friends, and my life.
If you celebrate your life daily, minute by minute, you don’t have to wait until your Birthday to celebrate your greatness. You can celebrate yourself in the ways I have mentioned by getting great mani/pedis, or a massage, by taking walks, cuddling with your children or your niece or nephews.  Be with your Parents. Enjoy your sibling or siblings.   Love and thank the Sun, and the Earth, take a trip, buy that handbag you have always wanted.  Do what you feel would make you happy but remember, you can celebrate you when you wake up in the morning that you are alive for another day! You can celebrate you with a swim in the Ocean or a walk in woods or down by the River.  Take yourself on a date!

You are a magnificent woman, you are gorgeous, you are kind, you are loving and you are divine.  Celebrate that today!!
Love you because you live in you!  This is your journey to self love by creating a wonderful positive internal dialogue, by being diligent with your self care and by Celebrating you every moment of every day by being present for your life in your body.

With love and Blessings,



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