Moving Past Your Fears Into Your Future You Desire


Freedom from Fear = JOY!

Fear is immobilizing and can stop everything in its tracks. It is that powerful!  For me recently Fear with a capital “F” has been completely front and center, so I may release it and all the toxic emotions that come with it.   Having Fear be so “in my face,” I am fascinated by its ability to make everyone and everything seem terrible around you, that the world scary and unsafe.  It can make you think the world is out to get you, along with the people in it, and your whole life could be taken from you at any moment.  Some thoughts might be: I bet the proverbial “They” are going to fire me, I’m not good enough so they must be thinking it, and then if I lose my job, who will pay my bills? I’ll be out on the street, I’ll go bankrupt, how will I pay for Health insurance if I lose my job and then, what if something happens to me like get hit by a bus or get diagnosed with some terrible disease, I’ll lose my house, I lose everything.  On and on this story can go. I’m getting anxious just writing it!

All this started with one thought, and then spiraled into a whole chain of  “What ifs” that have not even actually happened in my reality.   Then you feel anxious, you can’t breathe and well, maybe you get depressed or start crying.  Meanwhile absolutely nothing has changed, you are exactly where you were before you had the thought.  I have recently been shown with a personal mirror held up to my face, not more than an inch away, how I my fear can consume me and overtake my actions or cause complete inaction away from my Dreams. It is the opposite of self-love for me; it is self-abuse.

For the last 3 months, I have been focusing on what I don’t want and it just created more of what I don’t want – STRESS.  Basically my fear of losing my day job, took me away from where my focus should be which was on my business and my clients. It took me away from writing, sharing, engaging with Spirit and life in a positive way.  The fear took me over me completely that all my energy was focused in one particular area that doesn’t feed my soul, or help anyone on their journey to self-love and oneness with their soul.

See, I really do believe its important to work hard when I make a commitment, however, my day job was all I thought about, not about how to grow my personal business, what story I could share that might help brighten someone’s day or that someone could gain some insight from for their own life. By doing this, it actually took me out of receiving mode and into repelling mode.  The Universe could not share its abundance with me because I was in locked down or Fear mode.  The energy was like a repelling shield of goodness and abundance! Have you been there? Where it just feels like there is no flow? Nothing is coming your way and then you get more scared thereby repelling more.  All the while it turns out that I started the spiral, I started the lack of receiving by those fearful thoughts.

Eventually with gratitude, I was shown a way out of my spiral.  A couple of weeks ago, I was in New York City with my coach working on my business for the weekend, along with exposing me to a vibrant and dynamic New York that is surprisingly was brand new to me.  I had changed so much so that my old ideas and experiences of New York ecstatically no longer applied. Instead in its place, is the joy of amazing amounts of potential opportunity, a huge amount of future clients, and workshops to hold, a new neighborhood to try, oh so much!  I wanted to move that day! I was there to change my mindset and when the weekend was over, after a ton of tears, accepting that the way I had been thinking was not working in my best interest, and a whole lot of love from those closest to me, I picked myself by my big girl panties once again, shook myself off, took responsibility not just for my life, but for my thoughts all of them! I decided to only focus on what I do want and not let that pesky Fear creep back in!

Happ Girl Green

By doing all this, I have gained positive energy, and a renewed vibrancy. Everyone close to me is on “Fear Carolyn” alert to point it out to me fast, so I can shift the thoughts and words immediately. I know in my heart I will now create the future where I am living my dream in my zone of genius and assisting others to manifest their own dreams.

That weekend in New York enlightened me to understand in my heart, that where I put my energy, and my thoughts is what I experience. That there must be action on my part, to move out of my small life and mindset, and into one where I’m the painter in my reality.  I choose love, abundance and freedom. What about you? What is going to shift you into the right mindset to live the life of your dreams? How are you creating and generating self-love in your core of your life? How are you moving toward living in your zone of genius?

I would love to hear from you below and be inspired!

Love & light,



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