My Courageous Soul Found On My Journey To Peru

Freedom on Machu Picchu

Freedom on Machu Picchu

I have been eager to write this article for a while now since my return from the Sacred Valley, Peru this past June 2013, but have not been able to find the right words to fully express my experience prior, during and on my return from this magical place. The words have finally come to me however, there are so many subtle aspects, as all Spiritual transformations are, which are only still a whisper to me and that which have not fully expressed themselves completely to me yet. I hear their voices softly in the depths of my being telling me there is more to be revealed, so this article is about what I know so far, today.

My journey to Peru and since returning from there was and is nothing but completely transformative and life altering. To understand my journey, I need to explain that since I was a young girl, I have always had burning desire to travel to Peru and see and experience Machu Picchu.  I had opportunity prior but did not chose to go then because as I know now, I was meant to go with Deborah Skye, the founder of Soul Therapy School and my teacher, as part of my Jade, Master Shaman Training program, and was a 9 day Shamanic Peruvian Soul renewal and initiation retreat.

About a month before my trip, I started to feel a bit anxious and almost afraid of going to Peru. I believe my Ego knew that I would never be the same when I returned from the trip, and it was terrified of losing its identity. I knew in my heart that I was going to finally release what was holding me back from my purpose as a teacher and healer, along with the remainder of my story and pain. My ego did put on quite a show!

For example, one night before I left, it just wouldn’t stop talking to me. So much mental noise! It went on about every bad thing that has happened to me, all the things that could go wrong if I was to be a teacher, why I shouldn’t do x, y and z…on an on and on. I have not had this much mental noise trying to fall asleep in years! I was in shock! So then it hit me, my Ego was pulling out all the ammunition it could to try to stop me from going on this journey to Peru. So in a gentle and loving voice, I said to it, “I know you are afraid but know this, I need you in this life, and you and I are going to co-create this new life together, hand-in-hand, and I need you on board. Sure enough, with that acknowledgement that we together, my ego and I are going to co-create this new life together, the noise stopped and I was fast asleep shortly there after.

So prior to leaving, I went though many of these ego challenges, physical shifts, exhaustion and more, but even with all this preparation, I said YES to my Soul and walked through the fear and got on the plane for my journey to become the woman I have seen in my dreams. You see, I knew that this transformation would be life altering unlike anything that I have experienced before. I knew that I would not be able to make the same excuses I use to make, that these excuses would no longer work anymore, and that when I got back home I would be very different and I would completely embrace the unknown. I knew it from a deep core level even though I could not understand it logically. The fear was the challenge – the survival of the ego. So I made friends with her, and now we are co-creating together.

When I arrived in Peru I had jet lag from 24 hours of travel, and physical symptoms due to the high altitude and magnetically charged energy of Peru, the Earth is very alive there. Through this, I experienced about 3 days of emotional and physical pain that pushed me to let go of old outdated thought patterns, out moded ways of being, and OWN that this was the false reality that I lived in. I had to own my way of being and let it go. Not easy to look at ones shadow side so thoroughly and admit how you are truly being and thinking in the world which then creates your daily reality. However, I was and still am ready for big changes, and so I had said Yes to my Soul’s desires to live a new life in alignment with her, and my Soul’s desire to serve and do the work.

I realized in Peru though a variety of experiences, initiations and ceremonies, that it was GO time, birthing into the new. I had been given a new birthday on June 10, 2013 and on this day that I accepted my path and my calling and that I was not permitted to make excuses any longer.

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Machu Picchu – Happiness Ignited

The full joy of coming out of the darkness and pain was experienced on the very peak of Machu Picchu, I let go of the last of my story in a special ceremony. I wrote a word or name for every disappointment, loss, painful event, and person on a piece of tiny paper which I placed in the Earth forever. I had to look deep in my heart and really dig up these memories, so that I could release it for good. I looked at all my sadness, disappointments, and my pain and gave them back to the Earth, and freed myself from my story and found forgiveness and freedom. After this ceremony, I felt light, free and happier than I had in years! I ran all around the city with the free abandon of a child. It was incredible to play like that again! I even did cart wheels on the top of Machu Picchu!

The full integration of the new energy and zest for life that I was given on the top of Machu Picchu happened when we descended into in the warmth of the Sacred Valley under the healing Sun. On the last day in the Sacred Valley, under this warmth of Sun laying on the grass, Deborah Skye took us though an activation that was incredible. It was an activation of my new crystalline structure to move me forward to embrace the inner Shaman. It was an incredible activation and has taken me two months to fully integrate this new crystalline structure and body that I was given in Peru. I am like a toddler learning how to work her new body.

On our return to Cusco, where we started our journey together, I realized how connected I was now with the woman on this trip and that we were forever be connected. I also realized after coming home after two months of being back, I now understand the impact and shift that took place by saying YES to the Universe and my Soul.

I’m living my Courageous Soul. I desire the same for you.

Love & Light,


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Sacred Valley Peru – New Beginnings

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