My Past Life Awakening The Leader Within

knight-in-shining-armour Past Life Regression is such a powerful tool to access our databank of memories and our experiences.  I absolutely love going back to my past lifetimes where I can see and experience what is holding me back in this lifetime. It is where I can  forgive myself and others for any perceived wrongs, which allows me to instantaneously move on with my life fully empowered and free from the burdens of the past.  I believe in my heart that the biggest obstacles in my life are the ones I create for myself because of some subconscious fear I have carried forth from the past, either in this lifetime or another that needs to be remembered and healed, so I may move forward. It is not just emotions but also physical manifestations can be brought forth for you. For example, I had a breathing issue where I found I had to take a very deep breath out of nowhere often, like I hadn’t been breathing. It sounded as if I was annoyed or frustrated and was sighing when it wasn’t my intention.  It turned out to be directly related to a past life where I had had a lot of loss of loved ones, and I was actually afraid to take in life which is a deep breath, and I had died in a fire in that past life too.  Since reliving that life, I was able to stop sighing, breath better and get off all my allergy medicine.  I got off of five of them to be exact! I only use a homeopathic now and save hundreds of dollars.

In addition,  another more detailed example one of my other personal regression experiences which I knew in my heart , would release me from my immobility.  I knew on multiple levels that I was super stuck in emotional cement in this life.  I knew I was so stuck because no matter what I did I kept self-sabatoging my future, being so very afraid of embracing and stepping into my life purpose of becoming a leader and into my zone of genius.

In my regression, I landed on Earth with a gentle thud, and when I looked down at my feet I was wearing full polished steal armor. I was a Knight in England in charge of the troops. We had been fighting for the King. In this life, I actually had been a son of a landowner who was the ruler of this particular castle and its lands.  I had inherited this land from my Father who had passed away, and I had become a very skilled leader in battle.


I was then guided to the day of my death around the age of 50, where I had been poisoned by someone who wanted to take my seat of power.  I had created such peace in the land, and people were happy.  Someone else wanted control and had to get through me to do it.  I realized that I was so afraid that all the good, peace and justice I was able to create in the Land would change immediately upon my death.  I realized on a Soul level for me that I needed to see that the only way that I was able to really create change was when I was actually leading and not taking orders from others.  Seeing this lifetime, as difficult and traumatic that it was, freed me from any guilt I had been carrying from the destruction that occurred on that day under my leadership which allowed me to forgive myself and my actions along with the others involved.   Lastly, it freed me from my fear of stepping into my true desire to lead in this lifetime.

Past life regression for me isn’t just about seeing what “I was before,” because we have all been many roles and 90% of the time we lead ordinary lives as merchants, farmers, workers, business people.  I noticed the first time people do a past life regression that they are either nervous that they won’t see anything, or can’t be “hypnotized,” or they’ll see a past life that is disturbing where they had done something terrible or something terrible is done to them.  So I’ll break it down to make it less uncomfortable.

So to start, you are not hypnotized, you are “regressed,” which means you are in a deep relaxed state in which you can access your subconscious mind but you are not under hypnosis. You are able to wake up at any time. You feel like you are present in the room with me while you are back in the past too.  It is just a way to access deeper stored memories than the more recent ones from this life. I find sometimes clients get uncomfortable that they are with me and not “there” but they are there and with me at the same time.  It is about relaxing into the experience, allowing yourself to access, remember and view the past as it was so you can free yourself from any residual scares, or even to see that you’ve lived lifetimes of peace, love and prosperity.  If you are living a particularly tumultuous lifetime this time around, your Soul might pick a lifetime that was calm and beautiful for you to witness, that you have experienced peace so you can access it now.14934345-the-universe-beneath

The last piece of your fear is that we have all been good and bad in lifetimes, which is how our Soul learns. We have fought wars, we have had babies, we have been male and female, we might have hurt people, or lay witness while we were helpless to stop an atrocity.  This is why we go back in regression, to heal the guilt, free the pain, see where we developed lack of connections or detachments from others, why you might feel lonely, or sad.  Where did it start? You go back to heal yourself instantly from continuing to make the same mistakes, to understand a loss on a Soul level or to free yourself from guilt, shame, anxiety.  It could free you from you, and how you hold yourself back from your amazingness, or living your lifetime fully expressed.  Past Life Regression is a tool for your Soul and your subconscious to speak to you in pictures, in memories, and with feelings so you can remember who you are, who others are to you and what they do for you so you may understand who you are, what stuff you are made of and how vast and powerful you are.  When you forgive yourself, your past actions and others, along with seeing how you grew as a Soul, you awake feeling refreshed and empowered because you are part of the divine and you deserve to live in your zone of genius.

I would love to hear from you how Past Life Regression has helped you or any questions you may have regarding the process.

Love & Light,



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