My Past Lives In New York City

Eternity on a boatHaving been back in New York for almost 2 years now, I have had a different life than the one I had before I moved to Chicago. I truly came back to the Big Apple a very different person from the woman who left her home 7 years prior to find and reinvent herself in the windy city. The funny thing is, I did just that! I came back as a Soul Therapist and Past Life Regressionist, healthier, 60lbs lighter and free of any toxic relationships.

The truth about life is that we always have the opportunity to start over with each new moment. Also, life asks us to change, and in reality we just don’t get to stay the same as much as we sometime would like to. We need to evolve, grow, change, move, let go of people, places and things shift and transform. The only constant in the universe is change and when we embrace that reality, life is so much more joyful and exciting. Clinging to your old hurts, wrongs, people, places and things in your life that cause you to be depressed, longing, sad and sometimes guilt ridden. The reality is that in this lifetime alone, you have had many different lives as you have gone through different incarnations of yourself and your being.

Think about who you were as a little girl, where you lived, your parents, you in high school and then maybe college. How were you being at those places or with your parents? How did you think back then, and what you do think about now? You were different based on where you lived; your age, and what school you attended, maybe one or both of your parents have passed on, and can you recall what life was like with them and without them? Maybe you had more money at one point in your life and now you are working to make it back. Your life is who you are, and how you respond and live your life. Life is always evolving shifting and changing.
NYC Old & New

You can get emotionally stuck in this life on an event from your past, a memory or person you cannot let go of, or maybe forgive. Maybe you have shame, guilt, depression or anxiety that was created in this lifetime, these same emotions and feelings could be caused by a past lifetime. You are an eternal and multi-dimensional being who has lived many, many lifetimes. Sometimes a past lifetime trauma, situation or experience will be brought forward into this lifetime to be healed, forgiven and released. It is the most miraculous event because you will be instantly released from the feelings of anger, rage, sadness, longing, fear or anxiety. It can also reveal to you aspects of yourself that you need to bring forth in this lifetime which show you that you have experienced them before and it is time to heal it, forgive it or discontinue the behavior.

There was one regression where a woman came to me longing to go to Egypt. She loved everything about Egypt and wanted to visit so badly that it made her almost cry with her sadness over her desire. When we went back to that lifetime, it turned out she was a Sumerian royalty. It wasn’t Egypt but it felt like Egypt in her modern 21st century framework. It turned out she missed her daughter from that lifetime terribly and just cried and cried how much she missed her. The king at the time decided he wanted her for himself and had her whole family killed, and she was heart broken. Having seen that lifetime, she was able to release the longing and the sadness over her loss, along with forgiving the man who was jealous of the love of her family and took it away from her. This allowed her to finally free herself of the pain of loss that had no roots in this lifetime and she could never understand. It gave her feelings validation and a root cause so that she could finally heal and move on.

Sometimes people have unexplained anxiety, anger or phobias of tight spaces or have unexplained pain in their body.   These symptoms have disappeared or substantially were reduced after a regression where they might have witness their parents being killed by soldiers, or have been killed by a loved one like a brother or spouse.   One recent example was a woman who was a queen in her past life, and an enemy who wanted her throne had her room set on fire and she was killed in the blaze.   Through these regressions, my clients were able to forgive the perpetrators and themselves and within the week after their regression, noticed physical healing emotional unburdening and a spiritual lightening.

By being courageous and going back to the past, these New Yorkers were able to move past their fears, hurts, disappointments in themselves and others, forgive, release and move on in a profound way. This allowed them to feel lighter, happier and ready to live more fully in the present. Past Life Regression is a powerful tool to heal your heart and understand what your soul has learned and taken with it from each lifetime.

It is a true gift to you.

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