My Second Soul Journey to Machu Picchu On New Years Eve!

 Peru again? Who does that? I do! I said yes to a second trip within 6 months to return to the wonderful healing energy of Peru with Deborah Skye King on a journey of fun and the opportunity to explore Peru’s sacred locations.  This trip was very different than the one I took earlier in June of 2013.

The first trip I took was a Soul Renewal Retreat and my Shamanic Initiation as a Master in Soul Therapy School.  At the end of the trip, Deborah Skye asked me if I would like to spend New Years at the top of Machu Picchu? She had already planned a trip for December to return.  I of course had signed up within minutes!

This 2nd trip was about seeing the history of the sacred land of Peru, to visit more of the sacred temples, and monolithic structures.   In addition to a spiritual retreat, we would be guided for a few days by Brian Forrester who has written several books  on the history of the Incas and who examines the ancient technologies that seem at times even more advanced then ours presently.  He analyzes these fascinating structures and really delves into questions regarding how these massive stone structures could have been built before the Incas by ancient civilizations unknown to us, and the Incas just did not have the proper tools to create these structures, nor the quarries close enough to bring such massive stones to these locations.  These structures were there way before the Incas, who then must have built upon what was already there.  So much of Peru is a mystery and Brian took us to some of the locations off the “tour’ the average person gets to visit and gives some gems of wisdom to ponder.

I was so fortunate this trip to have one of my best friends to be with and explore Peru and ring in the New Year. I felt blessed to be there where the air was fresh, the people warm and caring, along with the most delicious vibrant and nutritious food. The lettuce was so nutrient in Pisac, located in the Sacred Valley, that I could feel my cells dance while I ate it! The way the agriculture is passed on from generations has kept the country’s soil and food supply rich and vibrant with no GMOs.  You feel so good and alive when you are there especially in the Sacred Valley where the food is grown.  I often wonder how Peru has escaped our Western hand in wrecking havoc on the land and the people’s health, and how lucky we are to have a place to go where they have been able to maintain this integrity of this amazing land.


The Green of the Sacred Valley in Chinchero

Even when you are hiking on the mountains, you feel so energized by all the elemental beings that are there to assist and work on your energy field even as you are just walking around, or hanging out in this green valley where the land is alive.   Interestingly enough, many mountains have steps that have been maintained from one of the most incredible road systems ever developed on the planet.   That spanned the length of the Inca Empire from Columbia to Chile.  These steps are definitely built for smaller feet but its so amazing to be hiking around on ancient stone steps.

So my experience of being at Machu Picchu for New Years, on top of the world where we did ceremony to welcome in the New Year and to welcome in of all possibilities for 2014.   I could feel all the ancestors present for the group and my healing, to release of all our disappointments and triumphs from 2013 and set our beautiful intention for creation in 2014.  I realized in that moment that there is no creation without full commitment and intention.  It is not enough to say I’m going to try or I’m going think about it. The only way to truly create something from nothing is by deciding 100% that you want something specific to occur, and you must be willing to show up in integrity to do what it takes, anything it takes to make it happen.  I decided this would be the year that I would fully embrace my gifts, and put my energy into being of service and the year has already started out like a rocket!


The trip ended in such an incredible way for me, on our last day we were at Saqsayhuaman, Deborah Skye and I had strayed ahead of the group where a Peruvian Shaman just happened to be waiting for us.  He just told us to sit in these special already carved in stone seats and to close our eyes and mediate. I knew instantly that this was special and that he had come specifically to work with us.  It turned out that part was true, he had mentioned this to Deborah, and interesting enough, Deborah had met him and worked with him 14 years ago when she lived in Peru!  This particular area of Saqsayhuaman was used for Ceremony to cleanse and rebirth. How brilliant to be guided on the last day through this ancient ceremony by an authentic Peruvian Shaman named Pedro. He gave us herbs to smell, and chew on as we mediated. Then we went to another area of the site to release that which was holding us back and others joined us, then we moved from there to other areas of the site as we did the full group who had joined us in the ceremony.  We healed and released, and then in the end were reborn by walking in a dark tunnel simulating the birth canal, being reborn and finding our way out to the light! I have walked through that tunnel on two other occasions without difficulty but this time, wow! It was very challenging to feel my way through when a Shaman is involved doing ceremony. You lose your senses a bit and feel unsure.

Mediation at Saqsayhuaman with Pedro the Shaman

When I came out into the light, I was asked to sit in yet another carved chair in a sacred stone, where we all anchored in the experience and completed the ritual with one last mediation and the ceremony was complete. I was ready for my journey back to the States and for what 2014 has in store for me! I was so blessed to be able to be able to start this year in a way I could never have imagined. Who would have guessed I would have been blessed to experience an ancient renewal ceremony to usher in 2014?  It was one more example to me that if you move in your truth, and you say yes to what life presents to you without fear, you make room for the Universe to work its magic. What magic would you like to create this year? I would love to hear from you!

Love & Light,



  1. Brian Keenan says

    Great stories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Judy Dasent Bonn says

    Greetings Carolyn what a beautiful blessed experience of rebirth. I would love to explore n experience some spiritual growth myself because I do believe in magic n Magical things . I would love to travel to sacred PLaces in Africa n India China regions !!!! Like yourself I just want to be free… Thanks again dear hope one fine day I can join you on one of your trips!!!

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