My Transformation In Soul Therapy School

Carolyn Small 2013-02-18 12.20.30I have been on a journey to find the best way to live in my purpose and share my intuitive gifts with the world. Finding the right avenue proved challenging. Finding an avenue that would allow me to assist individuals in their journey to perfect health, happiness and alignment with their soul. However, no matter what I did, no matter what class I took, no matter how much I tried it evaded me. However, looking back, I understand that I needed to experience life in the human condition, to understand every aspect of it, all of it, in every cell of my being. So, I have forced myself to live as I was conditioned to do. I live in the system, I go to work, I sell digital advertising. I have a nice comfortable life to most people looking in but the almost took me off the planet.

I believe that my body started to believe we were done here, it started to get sick, thought it was time to go! However leaving before I had accomplished what I was meant to do in this life was not my desire, so I fought hard, and I found help, and I prayed. I asked the Universe to send me a teacher who was doing the work out in the world successfully, supporting herself as my job supports me, could help me heal, and align me with my gifts and my soul. See by the time I signed up with Deborah Skye and her Whole Life Breakthrough Program, I was feeling pretty good about my life. I had lost my 64lbs, I had survived Radiation damage from my breast cancer, and I was on my way to what I thought was a perfect life, until a bad cough would not move on. Deborah Skye was able to heal me in my session after 3 months of trying everything else I could think to do! Then I knew we were destined to work together. In that session she told me about a new program she was going to launch and it would be a perfect fit. I was ready to sign on the dotted line without even seeing the program, because I knew it was an answer to my prayer. Deborah Skye had developed a program to assist women like me, move into my gifts and start sharing them with the world called the Whole Life Breakthrough Program. I not only signed up for the program but signed on at the Sapphire level because that was the only level that would work for me. It was a high level of 1 on 1 interaction with Skye, all levels of life transformation and assistance in setting up my business, and much mush more. She assisted me over a year to move into my truth, to my power and embrace all aspects of me. We brought light to all my dark places.

The interesting part to me was I was so afraid of working one on one with people in any type of healing way as me being in the healer role. At that time, it seemed like it would drain me, that I wouldn’t be able to support myself, no less create a platform to help anyone. I not only didn’t have strong enough boundaries set up, I didn’t have any formal structure to do the work in and my intuition was inconsistent. Very Shamanic and powerful at times and then would go away as if it didn’t exist. I had fear. I had no voice.

Then the best thing happened ever! Soul Therapy School was created by Deborah Skye. The very second it was brought to my attention, there was not a moment’s hesitation even though I technically at the time seriously had set my intention of not wanted to work with individuals! What I learned in my heart that day and deep in my being is that no matter what our mind and ego says, you will do and act on what your soul desires when you hear what is truly in alignment with who you really are no matter what. You will find the money, you will do what it takes, and you will do the work because you know nothing could bring you more happiness. I am and was working full time in a day demanding day job and still signed on the dotted line. My prayers were answered!! Yay!

So, I signed up in June of 2012 and became a licensed Soul Therapist. Sounds easy? Ha! So then the transformation began. I mean deep deep cleaning. I feel like the universe took a shovel and then a vacuum cleaner and decided to go to work. My process was amazing! My body went on a spontaneous cleanse where every cell removed all the radiation, metals, GMOs, toxins and poisons over the ensuing months. My tongue and mouth was burned in the inside and I was not able to tolerate hot food for more than 4 months. My left foot hurt and the pain would move all over this left foot for six months where the imbalances in my body started to re-balance themselves. I cried, I stamped my feet at the injustice of it all, and tasted cigarettes after not having one for over 5 years they were coming out of my was uncomfortable and challenging. I was getting healing’s 4 times a week! I was shifting!! I was happy! I was excited!! I was healing from a lifetime of living on the planet without being aware of what is actually in our food, how it is grown, what make up I wear, what is in my hair dye..etc. I was sooo happy because I knew if that stuff was really there then I was destined for something more serious then DCIS down the road. I am grateful for every day of discomfort. I now feel light, free, and empowered. I am balanced. I am happy.

By saying yes to Soul Therapy School in addition to Whole Life Breakthrough Program,(yes I was doing both programs simultaneously,) I am truly in alignment with my purpose, my intuition, and my healing gifts. I am super excited to be empowered to use my voice. To come out from the shadow of others opinions of me, of their limitations imposed upon me, and speak my truth. I am come out into the world embracing the who I am and what I am here on Earth to do, which is to assist individuals to align with their soul, and be fully present in their bodies so they may live their truth and purpose.

Soul Therapy School provided me with the structure to work within, an understanding of how all aspect of ourselves work together to make a full healthy life and how to assist others to awaken to their gifts and purpose. The Universe answered my prayers, has sent a team to assist me, and most of all connected me with my teacher and mentor Deborah Skye, who’s loving guidance and unbelievable living of her truth has enabled me to become light, happy, vibrant, energized, sexy and wow excited for what today brings!! Lastly, I am able to now use my gifts with direction and purpose to assist you in your journey.

Love & Light,


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