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Through A Journey to Self-Love, we will bring forth together your love of self, awaken the feminine and empower the parts of you that have been sleeping and hiding in the shadows. A Journey to Self-Love will provide you with a renewed sense of purpose.  You will truly connect with the woman you have been denying, and let her come out to the light shining in all her beauty and vibrancy.  By the end of our time together, you will feel lighter, more joyful, more courageous, and with a renewed sense of well-being and purpose.

Your 4 Hour NYC, Rye Gathering Includes:

  • Discussion on self love, what it means and the benefits to your life & health.
  • What is your “life story” and why it might be keeping you stuck.
  • How to experience self love daily.
  • How to connect to your soul on a deeper level.
  • A gentle nature walk in the secluded Rye Nature Center to meet and start to experience the essence and benefits of how nature heals you and increases your connection to Self.
  • Mediation on a Journey to Self Love & meeting other aspects of you such as your inner-child, higher-self and your Spirit Guides so you may know you are not alone and how powerful you are as a being.

“If you never met Carolyn, you should!!! Carolyn has an amazing approach to her work as a Soul Therapist and Past Life Regressionist. 

Her approach allows you to discover information about yourself that has ultimately been a barrier to your self-growth. Carolyn allows you to identify these barriers in a very short amount of time that enables you to make changes that will facilitate action, personal satisfaction, inner peace and happiness that we are all seeking. 

Carolyn cares deeply for others and has a gift for engaging you in conversation and connecting you with in a different level that allows you to make the change that you have always wanted to, but could not before.  She is a wooho! As good as it gets!”  – Danielle S.. Chicago

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