Professional Past Life Regression x 3 Sessions




Past Life Regression Certification Past Life Regression Therapy enables you to discover hidden aspects of your life that no longer are supportive of your overall Soul growth. If you are experiencing a block on any level in your life or feeling stuck, you may find the incredible benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy beneficial in extracting the core issue that is keeping you in limbo.

What To Expect:

During your 2 hour Past Life Regression Session in New York, you will receive a 30 minute consultation, digital MP3 recording of your confidential session and a 15 minute follow up call 7 days after your session.

Most people experience as subtle shift in their everyday awareness, emotional release, mental clarity, a lightness within their whole body, clarity of purpose, more vitality, creative insights and more energy in their physical body.

Carolyn Goldfarb A New LifeProfessional Past Life Regression Sessions La Jolla, CA

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You will receive a confirmation email with payment information and location for your session at Union Square in New York City.

Carolyn has been Certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute in Toronto, Canada. Her passion to heal core issues, pain and feeling stuck brings her compassionate and intuitive nature to the forefront to enable you to go deep into the past life that is best sited for you now.

During your session you will remember a lifetime that is relevant to your current one, to learn from, to understand certain behaviors or character traits that might be leaving you confused.

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