Soul Therapist 9 Month Soul Expression Program


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Carolyn Goldfarb Soul Expression Program New YorkYour Soul Expression 9 month program provides the nourishment to uncover aspects of your true self and go deep into your soul expression. This program leads you to a life altering experience of knowing compassion as a strength, using self-love as a launching pad for greatness, speaking your truth for self and others, and understanding how your core soul expression shows up in the world. You will come into the Soul Expression program knowing you want to shift your life in a powerful way, not yet knowing how, but feeling the call.

We will provide the how — guaranteed. As you are supported throughout your nine months of recreating a new you, the how will reveal itself. This is the perfect program for you, if you are desiring to live your life expressing who you truly are and need the support to reach your highest potential in all aspects of your life.

* Included in your 9 month program are six tickets to our signature weekend, Soul Therapy Seminar: Awakening Your Authentic Self. A weekend dedicated to awakening your connection to your soul and profoundly shifting your awareness to who you are.

Please contact Carolyn for pricing and complimentary consultation.

Our signature Soul Therapy Seminar : Awakening Your Authentic Self is presented to women all over the world. You can use your seminar tickets internationally and can offer them to friends and family members who you would like to gain support in having greater awareness to their own authentic self.

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