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California Licensed Soul Therapist® Carolyn Goldfarb Soul Therapist® Session

These are some of the topics we will be covering in your Soul Therapist® Session

  Understanding Where You Are Stuck & Healing Your Present

Assisting in your own transformation from the freedom of your limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, and any addictions that are holding you back from the life you have always envisioned for yourself.  Is the past continually cycling through your mind in full color? Are you having difficulty in your finances with any inability to create wealth or monetary flow into your life? Together we can start to create the life you have always imagined for yourself, by providing structure, organization, and a solid foundation that is grounded in the present moment and in your body, with your feet planted solidly on the earth. This state is where you will be able to allow yourself to create perfect health, reduce any extra weight, and release yourself from your past and move into your abundant joyful life.

  How To Clear Out Your Shadows From The Past

The past will keep you stuck there if you let it. It takes you out of the present moment and will have you cycling through your old stories, and reliving past events keeping you a prisoner of your story which keeps you playing small in your big life.  In an instant replay of the past, you are taking yourself out of the joy of the present moment, and creation of your life.  Let’s look at and shine a light on the shadow side together. By allowing light to shine on the shadow-self, you move into the present moment, where you will begin to create an abundant healthy life for you starting in that moment. Unlocking yourself from your past is the key to truly being in joy and creating abundance in your life in every way you can imagine!

  Learn How To Be Fully Grounded & Let Go Of Your Stress

When you are not present in your body, you are not participating in your life. You are checked out. No one is home. This inability to stay in the body is due to those uncomfortable feelings that are present there from the stresses of everyday life, to a job that causes anxiety, to money worries; the list goes on and on.  Are you very stressed, tired, and/or sad? Are you feeling out of the flow of your life?  This discordant stress energy within your body over long periods of time will take its toll on your overall life, well being and health. Stress is not good for anyone and it is an epidemic in our lives today. Let’s reduce your stress to create harmony in the body and allow yourself to stay in the moment. This will provided you with a better connection internally and will ground you in the present.  If you want to truly live the life of your dreams, you will need to be present.

  Clearing Your Inner Turmoil

As you have been living your life, you most likely have faced challenges, hardships and loss. All of us do at some point in our lives. How we handle these challenges is what makes the difference in the paths we take. I know for myself, I am continually seeking out help for my inner turmoil and conflicts that are caused by my fear. This fear will throw me off balance, increases my stress, and become completely distracted that is until fear is assuaged. I call this “spinning.”  Most people are very unproductive when spinning.  Nothing gets done. It takes you off track from your goals, causes you to get depressed and infects your body with self induced stress. Does this sound familiar? The Universe has your back and is always there looking to support you in manifesting the life you desire. By freeing yourself from any internal confusion, wasted mental and emotional energy, you will increase the space to bring into your life prosperity, abundance, love, joy and perfect health. I would love to assist you and provide you with new tools to in connect you to you, to your abundance and to your joy.

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