Self-Empowerment: Freedom from Anxiety and Stress

Woman & WorryAnxiety? Stress? Are they affecting everything you do? Is it seeping into all aspects of your life? Does your heart race? Does your mind loop on the same fear thought or on something you could take back, and wish you hadn’t done because you knew better but couldn’t help yourself in the moment?   I suffer from all of the above. Anxiety and stress come in and out of my life like most people. However, I recognize it and work to release it, let it go and figure out productive solutions on how to shift my thinking.

There are several types of anxiety that can be caused by so many different things. You might be worried about money, losing your job, paying the bills, your children, your boss, your spouse, your partner, and maybe your health. There are so many sources of anxiety and stress. However, the truth is we can manage our stress and anxiety on so many levels. The first step is recognizing you are spinning or your heart is racing. Then you need to take a deep breath and go back to the breath. Focus on the breath and get back in your body. Breathe deep and slow. I like to imagine the breath in light come up through my feet and my legs to ground me to the Earth. From there, when you start relaxing you can think more clearly, which will then allow you to then focus on an action plan. It is hard for stress to live when there is a plan in place.

My anxiety and stress tends more on the side of being situational. Certain of life’sseeming dire events have a solution.   Sometimes its is to step up and take responsibility for your actions, to apologize, to forgive yourself. It might be to take more time to practice your speech, your test, a call you need to make or presentation you need to give, make a list of your goals for the day. I do my best to figure out what I can do to improve the situation that creates a plan to stop the loop in my mind. Maybe it is to be better read on a subject, or to make that onWoman Meditatinge more phone call or do that little bit more research. Sometimes, I think about who could I reach out to who could assist me in improving an aspect of myself or could assist me in solving a problem I’m having. I believe in having a powerful Network in which I am a reliable source of advice and assistance for my Network and in turn it has worked out that when I reach out, I get the help I need. That is how I was able to return back to New York. I reached out, used my Network and very dear friend was able to assist me by making a great connection. I am here in the Big Apple because of her help and advice.

The other aspect of stress, or anxiety could be lying below the surface in your subconscious mind, trying to reveal itself and be heard. The source happens to be froma situation that occurred in your past in this lifetime or another past life that was emotionally charged. It is now trying to make itself heard through your anxiety. This is where I rely on Past Life Regression to find the source of anxiety for me or for my clients. Past Life Regression is an incredible tool which allows your Subconscious mind to reveal the source of the anxiety, whereit began, the events and people around the event, so it can be healed, forgiven and released. Freeing you from that constant anxiety. Allowing you to feel lighter, freer and happy.

Why does the anxiety shift after a Past Life Regression? It shifts because the event that caused the underlying anxiety has been exposed, and when you put light on the shadow it loses its power and hold on you and your body. Then when you forgive yourself and any others that was involved in the source of your anxiety. You then are free from the continual stress, and mental noise.   Past Life Regression is extremely empowering because it is between you, your subconscious and your Soul picking the perfect lifetime to reveal itself to you so you can heal yourself.

I look forward to hearing how you manage your stress and anxiety along with any questions your might have regarding Past Life Regression.

Love & Light,




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