Soul Therapist Programs


Your Journey To Self Love 5 Week Online Course

With Licensed Soul Therapist® Carolyn Goldfarb

Are you looking to expand your ability to know what direction to take in your life, your business or just to know what is best for you in any given moment or situation? Have you ever desired to know how to become more self aware and enhance your psychic abilities to apply to your own life? Week 1 you will learn how to truly connect with your inner wisdom and knowledge on what is best for you from within you.

Week #1: Develop Your Intuition: Relaxation Tools & Techniques To Connect To Self

The relaxation techniques will provide you with the experience of what it means to be present in your body and grounded to the Earth.  As women we are so busy looking outside ourselves for direction, validation and putting others needs before our own that we truly forgot the art of using our natural abilities to do what is truly in our best interest.

By learning to relax and go inward, you will tap into your divine intuition, and your true knowing. This will give you the wisdom on what do next and what is best for you. By taking care of you first, you will then be better able to take care of your loved-ones, your clients and/or your employees.

Week #2: Connecting With Your Guides

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you felt guided to move in a certain direction, or take a path that was opposite of what you originally set out to do? Have you ever felt you were not alone in the world and had someone gently guiding or nudging you in a way that turned out to be a better direction than you had intended? Meet the loving souls that guide you during your lifetime.

Start to develop a conscious relationship with the very souls that know your purpose on Earth, your soul’s map that was laid out for you as you designed, the loving beings that assist you every day by guiding you back on track, keeping you from straying too far from your plan. Who do their best to keep you safe from harm? To know your guides along with developing a relationship with them will allow you to truly be more conscious of your choices and how you create your life every day.  You can receive the conscious guidance and understanding that is available to you at any time you need it! How amazing is that?

Week #3: Group Meditation Of Discovering Your Power Within

We will take journeys within that will tap into the Universal knowing within yourself, in which you will begin to discover the magnificent power within yourself, while embracing your authentic self. When you learn to embrace and know the essence and core of who you truly are, you learn to love yourself more profoundly which allows your life to begin to take on a fantastic new shape, from the foods you eat, to the higher quality of clients you attract, to the abundance you start to create, forming healthy relationships.  

Get to know Your Power Animal & Communicate Directly With Her. I love knowing my Power Animals. To know them is to connect and develop a relationship with the Earth herself.  Power Animals connect you with you and this present lifetime that you are now living, and the aspects of the Earth’s energy that you have called on to guide and protect you.  These beings assist you in honoring aspects of yourself that empower your success. They give you insight on what others see in your personality that you might not. They guide and protect you as you move through this lifetime awake or in a dream state. They are your friends and it is the most amazing relationship as you get to know them. They are truly amazing beings.

Week #4: Accessing Your Universal Bank Account

In week 4, we will learn to access the Universal Bank Account and create your own bank within the Universal system. Learn to watch and grow your money, and how to create the abundant life you desire far from any limiting thoughts.

Week #5: Living Your Soul Intuition

When put together the techniques of relaxation, intuition, spiritual guidance, clear intention and purpose, you create a winning combination. What an amazing place to launch your life as you design it with abundance, joy, truth and health.

Living your Soul’s intuition allows you to be in the present moment of Now. The only true reality is the present, so when you live in the present moment you begin to embrace and love who you truly are, you know intuitively what direction to take; you have the tools and the knowing to move forward when you feel afraid or stuck. You look at obstacles as welcomed challenges that are pushing your forward on the path abundance, wealth, love, health and true joy.

Discovering You Soul Intuition 5 Week Online Program