Thankfulness & Gratitude are Game Changers!

I love Thanksgiving. I mean I really LOVE Thanksgiving. I love that it is a holiday purely about stopping everything to give thanks for our lives, our blessings, the food on the table and the people in our lives. I love being with my family and friends around delicious food and good company. For me, […]

Fall – A Time of Change, Preparation and Action!

I believe with the signal of the fall equinox and the beginning of the harvest, awakens our drive and sense of purpose. It is time to wake up. It is ingrained in our DNA to start to bring into fruition and birth those plans that have been building and growing all year. They are ready to be birthed.

Courageous Souls ~ The Women Who Came Before

Her framed picture hangs before me, I see her every morning as she watches me get dressed and ready for the day ahead as I head out into the city, talk with customers over the phone or prepare dinner beside the wide open city night landscape. Wilma Wallace, the first everyday woman in America to […]