What Does A “Shift” Really Mean?

A “Shift” is a positive way of saying you have made a change in your life, in your mindset, in your thought process, or in your awareness. It is an energetic transformation on a cellular level from one state to another either subtly or cataclysmically life altering.

What Happens To You When It’s The Holidays?

How do you feel when it is the Holidays? Are you excited? Ready to decorate, bake, and buy presents? Or are you dreading it? Are you feeling like “Oh boy, another year already?” Are you grieving a recent loss and can’t imagine how you are going to make it through the December and the holidays, no less […]

Self-Empowerment: Freedom from Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety? Stress? Are they affecting everything you do? Is it seeping into all aspects of your life? Does your heart race? Does your mind loop on the same fear thought or on something you could take back, and wish you hadn’t done because you knew better but couldn’t help yourself in the moment? I suffer from all of the above. Anxiety and stress come in and out of my life like most people. However, I recognize it and work to release it, let it go and figure out productive solutions on how to shift my thinking.

How to Feel Confident & Strong in Your Body

How do you start to feel grounded, good and safe in your body? How do you make your body feel capable and strong? I know that sometimes it’s easier to escape into a bowl of pasta, a bag of chips or a carton of ice cream. We have all been there.  However, it actually is […]