What Would Your World Be Like If You Lived In Flow?

To live in Flow means to live in a more relaxed state where you are connected to your divine nature, and your desires. It is living by your authentic self and not the illusion of what you have been told to be by society, your parents or your friends. It is a very high form of self-love.

What If You Really Truly Trusted You 100%?

What would your life be like if you trusted yourself and the Universe to deliver completely on your hopes and dreams? What would you feel like? What would you be like and act like out in the world? Would you take more risks? Be bolder? Would you follow your dreams with more determination and gusto?

Are You Being Called To Sedona, Arizona?

Is Sedona calling to you? Is it whispering to you? Is your heart longing to go to see the sunlight reflecting on the Red Rocks? Are you being gently nudged to experience the transformative energy of the vortexes?  I know for me, Sedona is a place I long for in my heart and soul.  I visit as often as I […]

What If Life Was Always Simple & Easy?

Do you ever wonder what if life was simple and easy? What would it be like if everything just came to us without effort or thought?  I think about this often. I do know, if it was all that easy it wouldn’t mean as much.  Joy wouldn’t seem as happy, and sadness wouldn’t feel so […]