The Magnificence of Sedona: Propelling Me Toward Freedom & Abundance

Sedona Red Rock Views

Sedona Red Rock Views

I just spent four incredible life-altering days in Sedona once again. Sedona is my special place on the planet where the land and the rocks speak to me clearly, heal me and take away my pain while holding up a mirror of truth so I may face my denials, look at the hard facts of my actions and behaviors.

When I am courageous and really look at myself, the good and the bad, take a serious self inventory, and then clear negative thoughts and behaviors, I am then free to get down to the thing I love most: the business of growth and self love. 

When you travel to sacred sites where the earth is alive, you are calling in your past life memories, you are asking Mother Earth to work with you in this life so you may experience and remember your magnificence, along with your true potential which you’ve been keeping hidden from yourself. Sedona is unique that so many power centers or Earth Vortexes are so concentrated in such a small geographical area.  Sedona has incredible energy and beauty along with so many of the famous vortexes.  The Earth is pulsing with life in Sedona, so when you are there you cannot help but allow the energy to have its affect on you!

On this trip specifically, I was meeting my teacher Deborah Skye, for what was going to be a transformative weekend.   I thought I was heading to meet her to learn some new healing techniques, but that actually was not the case.  I was there to completely wake up to me, shift, heal and let go of some really old stuff I was holding on to.  It was glorious, ecstatic, and painful. I saw how stubborn I can truly be even if that very thing I am being stubborn about is holding me from the very thing I desire, living daily in abundance, joy and freedom!


Cathedral Rock basks in Feminine Energy

I am sharing my experience with you because I believe that you may have similar fears and are struggling to step into your power, letting go of your attachments to your “stuff”.  Addictions to what you feel is best for you, your body, mind and soul, which might be self sabotaging you and your future happiness. Are you feeling stuck in your job, make excuses to not move into your power and genius, holding back on realizing your dreams and accepting the abundance you know deep in your heart is available to you?

I know how you feel, I’ve been doing that to myself and my future success for quiet some time!

When we hold onto our current state of mind and limiting beliefs that don’t serve you, keeping you locked in a perpetual loop of past experiences and toxic emotions, that are the root of your negative stories, you are dis-empowered.  The truth is if you just allow yourself to get uncomfortable and get comfortable being uncomfortable then you allow the Universe to co-create with you on what you really do want and not more of what you don’t want. Otherwise, you stay in the story and nothing, I mean nothing changes in your life until you decide to let go and surrender to your dreams, receive what you are desiring and accept your fate of living in your brilliance. So only focus on what you do want, feel into your desires!   Moving out of your comfort zone will allow you to get busy creating the life of your dreams.

See, as much as I talk a big game in some aspects of my life, I am guilty of these very things.  Yes, on one hand I have released, and have shifted many aspects of myself that I am very proud of which has taken tremendous effort to move beyond my own BS and shed many tears along the way.  I have released many of my addictions, removed toxic relationships, invested financially in my future, taken classes, traveled to far off sacred places, switched jobs three times so I may find new supportive environments while I build my business into a full time reality, changed my lifestyle and my food, I have lost weight, moved cities, and I’ve made new friends. Whew!

However, with all of these amazing things I have done, I have also pretended to be fully committed to creating my business. I have made excuses that I don’t have enough time as I watch TV at night for two hours when I am home because I think I deserve after working all day in my day job for example.  The truth is, without sharing my story, and without fully committing to my future and to others, the Universe cannot work with me to create my intended vision because I’m not really committed nor working my dream, I’m just talking about it.

Too give you a little back-story; the last three months have been very emotionally difficult. I have been forced to see my negative qualities and my masculine side both which do not work for me when I lead with them.  I have had moments of sadness and tears.  I must lead with my feminine side to stay in a receiving mode otherwise I reject the incoming wealth and vision of what I ask for, to be living my dream.  It doesn’t mean I can’t express my masculine self, to be in action, the doer, but I must be a girl first. I am sure you can relate to what I just said, the balance of the feminine and the masculine.

I know is our day, it sounds uncool to be feminine but without the Goddess, there is no creating what I desire which is financial freedom and freedom in general.  It is to be of service in the world by sharing my message and empowering women to take responsibility for their lives through my work.   See, the last few months has felt like nothing is going my way, I mean nothing. No matter how hard I work, I don’t see the results. Everyday, I’m terrified of losing my day job and that is what the average person feels like everyday.  I have now felt like this for 2 years now and I’m done.

Bell Rock - Masculine & Feminine Energy

Bell Rock – Masculine & Feminine Energy

I decided in Sedona, after much discussion and energy shifts to the point one night where I became terribly nauseous and had a headache that made me want to cry occurring from all the energy forcing my body to release the fears and toxic patterning and own that it was time to grow up.  

Are you feeling that it is time right now to take responsibility for your creations?  My thoughts were weaving a web of lies that I believed, much to my dismay in creating the life I choose to live, to empower other women with the gifts that I embody.  To gain control of my doubts and get use to being uncomfortable is my new norm. 

It is time to step into my purpose and to be of service starting this very minute.  I know you feel the same as I believe we are all being called to service in one way or another. I was shown in Sedona, that I have no more time to play around before Spirit pulls the rug out from under me. This experience has taught me that I can be the leader I know I am and THAT feels amazing!

What fears are holding your back from your future? What behaviors are you holding onto for false comfort or joy?  My TV has been comfort and company, but it is robbing me of my future and lowering my vibration. I am letting it go so I may show up for my life and for you.  I would love to hear from you on what you are willing to shift so you may live in your zone of excellence! Please comment below.

Love & Light,



  1. Brit Irene says

    All I did the entire time reading this was shake my head in agreement. Just 2 weeks ago I got to experience Sedona for the first time while on vacation with my husband and words cannot describe. The energy and, at the same time, peacefulness was incredible! I have not stopped talking about to friends and family. The most interesting is that I sent a handful of family and friends some pictures and almost every one of them commented back how relaxed I looked. Amazing that affect of that place!! Still in awe!!!

    • Hi Brit,

      Sedona does have such a powerful energy. It can do so much to transform you and shift your energy your system. I’m so happy to hear it had an affect of de-stressing you so you could come home relaxed! Thank you so much for sharing.

      Love & Light,


  2. I am so touched by your story. I am in the same boat where I feel stuck and am ready for a breakthrough. I’ve been working on positive thinking, affirmations and tapping including hipnosis. My husband passed and I am left with 4 children. I have anger, fear and grief.

    • Thank you Rose for sharing your feelings, and recent loss. I am glad you that my story touched you. I am sure it is a very big challenge to go on after loosing your spouse and taking on the load that you shared by both of you, all on to you. However, I am excited for you that you are looking for other positive avenues for healing your heart. Give yourself permission to grieve. It is important to allow yourself the space, but know in your heart that the Universe supports you and your children. Try not to be afraid because fear just causes you to have more anxiety in your body but doesn’t change anything. Trust in yourself.

      Big Hugs and Love,


  3. Hi Carolyn

    This is a great post and so very true. I think life is a long process of letting go and surrendering! and the more I do it the more my dreams manifest.

    You spoke from the heart and I have found too that when I place myself in a new vibration of land or step out into the unknown, I learn so much more about who I am and who I can be.

    Thanks for sharing your great insights with us.

    • Thank you so much Karen for your comment and for liking the post. I am so happy it rang true for you! I love hearing that when you step out into the unknown you too experience an up leveling of your vibration! That is really wonderful.

      Love & Light,


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