Trying Implies Failing, I Will Implies It Is Done!

Trying PhotoAs I sit in this beautiful boutique park overlooking the Hudson River, beneath the gentle green trees on this beautiful Sunday in New York, I have been thinking a lot about my own efforts to create the life I have imagined for myself. Why haven’t I achieved it yet? Just thinking about it or writing it down makes my heartache and my eyes well in frustration.   I did make it back to New York, so check there. I did find a lucrative way to support myself while I build my business here check. However, I still deep in my heart know I can create more, be more, be of service more….there is so much to do in this short life we are given. How am I going to make the next half of my life mater even more, on a grander scale? How am I going to leave a legacy? What will my legacy be?

I always thought by this point I would be highly successful and on the scale of the world I’m not doing bad at all. I live in an incredible city, I have my friends, family, a way to pay the bills, I’m building my business, but still I’m not near where I envisioned.   I’ve been thinking a lot that maybe it’s because I use the word “Trying” often. I use it to say, “I work very hard, and I’m busy. I am trying to find the time to do this or that” “I am trying to lose weight.” “I’m trying to find time to write or record my program.” On and on my Ego mind goes.

Yoda is my Hero

Yoda is my Hero

The truth is “Trying” implies “Failing.” Immediately if someone says to me, as I’m sure you can relate, “I’ll try to be there” to an invite or anything they say they will “try” to do, the second I hear that even from myself, I know its not going to happen. You know the second you say that one little word, you know the chances are slim to none that they will be like death to that creation. It just won’t manifest. You won’t go to that event, you won’t change that behavior, you won’t write that article, or call your Mother, etc. Nothing really ever happens when the word “Try” is used ever. However, the good news is, when you say “I will be there” or “I’m going to fit into my clothes,” or “I am going to write that article and it will be up by Tuesday.” You know it will get done in most cases. There are sometimes it won’t happen, is when the EGO is so strong and subversive that it will totally sabotage your efforts. The best way around your pesky Ego, is to you use your will or desire and make it so strong that it convinces your Ego it is in its best interest to allow you to move forward. You’ll both be so happy with the outcome!

Making It Happen One Rock at a time!

Making It Happen One Rock at a time!

The EGO really has a life of its own. It is where Pride lives and it can stop you dead in your tracks from your success and convince you why that what your Heart is telling you is ludicrous. You will never have what your desire. It’s a pipe dream. You are your worst enemy with distractions and self-sabotaging. I sure know mine does! I have recently made friends with my Distractor and Self-Sabatoger. I actually started making deals with them. For example, you can make a deal that you will write your article by the water and still be outside so you both parts of you win! In addition, a deal could be watching TV for an hour after you record a program for your clients. Or you skip that bite of ice cream today because you can’t wait to fit into that dress you love and miss wearing because you feel so sexy in it. The more you can work your Sabator and Distractor the quicker you can create the life you envisioned for yourself and feel fantastic doing it. It causes a reduction of stress in the body, along with depression. There is just “DOING” there is no more “TRYING.” I catch myself now every single time I use that word “Trying” because the reality and truth is; I am either doing or not doing. There is no “Trying.” I am not a failure, so I choose not to imply that I am any longer. I refuse to continue to put energy in that thought either. I am the Creator and Manifestor in my life. Will you join me and become a Manifestor and Creator in yours? It is the ultimate form of Self-Love.

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