What Do You Truly Desire? How Do You Manifest That Desire?

askI made a complete heart felt soul connected commitment to myself that I will do things differently moving forward with no more excuses. I also promised myself that I will not wait until my back is up against a wall to force me to make changes in myself, my thinking or my life. I have decided that am going to do things in a new way with a 100% commitment from now on. I have kept my promise and have manifested my complete life change in an instant decision I made first in January and then full on in April, and made my scheduled goal of June 1st.

I’m back in my hometown, which just happens to be the Big Apple, and it is one place on Earth that anything goes. In New York, it is as they say, you get to be who and what you want to be as long as you are authentic, because this is not a town for fakers.  You get to actually create the life you want. All tools are available to me, and always have been everywhere I am on our planet, but now I’m acting on it with my whole being.

As much as I love Chicago, and my friends there, it was time for me to come back to Manhattan. I was really homesick for my family, and the organized chaos that is New York City, along with its vibrancy and intensity. I needed that intensity back for me personally to create. That high vibe is a natural state for me and I love it! So I jump ahead…


New York City – Central Park

See I found myself really sad, bored and really stuck again in my life. Over the last year, maybe two, I was trying to make a move, and I thought it was California. However, every time I tried to move out West something would prevent it. Either me, or something external deterred me. Then last Thanksgiving, I realized in my heart when one of my relatives said to me at dinner, “When are you moving back home?” Not once in 6+ years has anyone asked me that. They only would ask me “How is Chicago?” and “How am I doing there?” I took it as sign that the door was open for my return and everyone had enough of me being away. I cried that whole Sunday. All day, and the plane ride home. It felt as if I was in mourning. I was actually starting to mourn Chicago, and my dreams of never moving to California because my Spirit Guides that Thanksgiving weekend had told me that was not moving for a variety of personal reasons. I was also crying over my fear of knowing I would have to get back to New York somehow, and how was I going to accomplish that? It seemed daunting.

Then when I was in Peru on a Sacred Journey with Deborah Skye, I was having one of my Soul Therapy ® Sessions with her, when she asked me where I wanted to live and that California is not going to happen and that it is closed to me. I explained that I heard that very thing from my Guides and then I burst out crying how I wanted to go back home. I couldn’t believe the passion I had behind the desire to make the move back to NYC, and that I was so ready. From that point it took six months to manifest the actual move from the original plan, but it only really took one month from actual hardcore decision in April to get to NYC by June 1st.   The truth is even though I had stated my desire and set a goal of June 1st, I had a lot of negative mindset around moving back East, and old feelings about my life in New York before I had left seven years ago.


The BeresFord – My Childhood Home – Overlooking Central Park

As you know, you cannot manifest your desires unless every cell of your body is on board with the concept you are creating. I had to really really want it to happen and when I got to that point, it did! I also felt very strongly that there were unseen and very strongly felt deadlines to meet, and that I had to make them or I would mess up the timing of everything good that was meant to occur. I had to get a move on right away and do a full out push! So I did. I used my network, reaching out to everyone I knew who could help and one friend of mine came through BIG. In addition, after several interviews with a few companies on the phone, I spent the day in New York City interviewing with two companies full out with 5-7 interviews at each company that day, and one of them hired me within a week! That was that. I was back to New York City a month later with some help from my family securing an amazing apartment. Everything went perfectly, even getting let go from my current employer a day before I was ready to give my notice so I had some free time to pack and get organized. Even the move went well, and I found a great subletter for my apartment in Chicago within a week of posting the ad to finish the lease that had three months left on it.

Life was working for me perfectly, and assisting me in my desires. I am excited to really engage with my Soul Therapy® work, write, attract new clients, and learn a lot from my current position to help me with my business. I’m excited to be in this vibrant city, which agrees with me so. The best part has been the ability to hang out with my sister and nephew weekly, and live in a new part of the city where I am creating a brand new life for myself; very different from the one I left 7 years ago. I even imagined living near by the Hudson River so I could take walks along this historic and powerful river and I now I am 4 blocks away! Everything is even better than I envisioned.

HRP-Pier 25 overlook chaises

Pier 25 NYC – Overlooking Hudson River

I know now, and truly wish I could take back some of my earlier inertia and indecisiveness, but even through whatever Soul deadlines I missed, and things I did not do, or I had such an incredible experience recently using Universal Law and really seeing in action how what you think about you create even what you ‘don’t want.’ When you focus on what you ‘don’t want’ you just get more of what you ‘don’t want’ and when you focus on what you ‘do want’ you can create your desires. The key is there can be no room for doubt. Not a drop. I must focus only on what I do want.

I would love to hear how you are creating your desires and using the Universal Law of what you focus on you create in the comments box below.

Love & Light,



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