What if Every Day was a Chance at Rejuvenation?



I know we are getting close to spring when I feel my body and mind want to get into action! It wants fresh air, new ideas, nutritious food, warmth, Sun and flowers to look at and smell. Spring always makes me think of new beginnings. Cleaning out the closets, clearing out the cobwebs physically, mentally and spiritually. Rejuvenating my body to prepare for summer’s outdoor activities. Starting to come out of hiding from the winter of hibernation. The truth is that we really don’t need spring to take care of our bodies, to nourish our souls or to feed our minds. Rejuvenation and creating anything we want for our lives and ourselves is available to us all year long.

I love that for two months after the start of the New Year, the gym is packed! All these new faces, embracing their desire for healthy and fit bodies. I would say by March, the gym goes back to the resilient people who have the dedication to their bodies all year long. See the difference, it is not that they have more willpower, or even more discipline. It is that they love how their bodies feel when they are strong. They know they have more energy, can lift more, do more and have the energy to live life more fully, so they respect their bodies. This motivates them to exercise regularly, no matter what, 4-5 times per week. Maybe they enjoy yoga, walking, running, Zumba or any type of movement that gets their heart rates up and gets their bodies moving. That is why I do it. I like being strong, energetic and fit, not because I love exercise. I do the best I can to eat organic food as much as possible, to feed my body fuel, which will allow it to run well. To feed my mind, I enjoy reading and listening to successful people and their stories, so I can be inspired and learn something new every day. It is very important to me that I nourish my soul and spirit by pursuing new healing skills, improving my gifts, meditating and taking spiritual journeys. I also write, coach and I teach. I create my life.

I believe, like the cells of our bodies, that we rejuvenate every day. Every moment of every day is a chance to do something new, to create a new experience, be different, think differently, nothing has to be exactly as it was yesterday for you. You can make your life and body the best it can be for you. If you don’t like to workout, start by doing an activity you do enjoy, walking, dancing, or yoga for example. There are so many options for physical activity besides hitting the gym. There are also so many ways to eat healthy for your body type and what your body needs. Find a way to eat that works for you and just make it the way you feed your amazing body daily. You can nourish your Soul by what gives you pleasure, and keeps you present in the moment. This could be playing with your children, gardening, taking a walk in nature, or meeting a friend for lunch. Anything that makes you feel good! If you don’t like meditation and don’t have time to sit, maybe consider that meditation is not about sitting in one place, you can walk and meditate. It is about getting centered and getting back to the breath. Slowing the mind down. It is quiet time. Take some time to learn about walking meditation and try it. Do what works for you, love and respect yourself and your beautiful body and spirit. Discover what will bring you peace. Rejuvenate!

I would love to hear how and it what ways you rejuvenate your life daily.

Love & light,



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