What If Life Was Always Simple & Easy?

Ease and Simplicity

Do you ever wonder what if life was simple and easy? What would it be like if everything just came to us without effort or thought?  I think about this often. I do know, if it was all that easy it wouldn’t mean as much.  Joy wouldn’t seem as happy, and sadness wouldn’t feel so real.  Wins wouldn’t feel like such an accomplishment! Life would have no texture. It would be boring. We learn unfortunately through experience and effort.  I do think sometimes “What if my life had not been filled with challenges and sometimes very difficult times?” I think, “Why does everything sometimes seem so difficult and take so long to create what I want?” Then I feel guilty because I know this is a Western World mentality and I really have not experienced true hardship that war, or famine bring. I am extremely lucky in that regard and truly my problems don’t compare.  However, putting the rest of the world aside and just thinking about me, my life has had its challenges. I have faced the challenges presented to me head-on, but I can’t say I haven’t dabbled in “Poor me” mentality or felt as if I couldn’t go on. I did go on and continue too. I know a few people who always seem to make everything look effortless and easy. Even getting up in the morning is a breeze for them. They just jump right up and they are ready to hit the day head on.  I know both sides of this life coin.  I know that those people, everyday is not simple or easy.  It just looks that way from the outside.  They too get tired, and they have their own stress. It is just that they are better at not focusing on the harder times and don’t devote and waste energy discussing it with others, so their seemingly easy life is an illusion to us on the outside.  It is better not to compare yourself to others, and keep the focus on yourself and what would make you happy. What would create joy and ease in your life?  I know for me, the reality is the more I think about what I need to do, plan on doing it and then do nothing at all, is when I get stressed, then paralyzed and accomplish a big zero.  However, the less I think about what I need to do after making my course of action, and the more I take action, the more I get done. I know that life seems to get a little easier once I get going.  The effort is in getting the ball rolling, after that you get caught up in the momentum and the flow and its all good from there!

I had this great experience recently, and it was all because I decided to get out of bed on this particular Saturday morning. I’ve been a bit challenged lately with getting up in the morning, and so I’ve been going with my body’s need for more sleep.  However,  I  decided to force myself up, and out of bed to go to my favorite exercise class with a really awesome instructor.  She is very motivating and I always feel fantastic after the class.  This day, I was rewarded with the chance to talk to her in depth after class.  I learned so much about her life as a personal trainer and what she has experienced as women’s pain points.  She even offered to pass my business card to potential clients which was such a present.  In addition, as we talked the one thing we both had noticed its that people are lacking in self-love.  Women especially are extremely critical of themselves, and spread themselves so thin trying their best to be some imagined perfect that the media has created. They want everything and can’t seem to get it.  They are disappointed, and let down. They are anxious and depressed.  Where is the self-love? The self-talk is so depreciating.  I wish I could tell everyone I meet, “Love yourself, put yourself first, do what makes you happy.” Create plans and act a step at a time toward those plans with action. Appreciate that you made it this far in life.  Give yourself a big hug. I know personal that negative self-talk leads to depression, fear, and exhaustion.  Self-Love builds you up, keeps you going and knowing that I’m creating the future I desire by enjoying the process of getting there, including great conversations with new friends is what makes life exciting. It is what actually gets you up and out of bed each morning with a smile on your face. I also wake up with a knowing in my heart that I will create what I desire, and I’m on the right road to making my dreams come true a step at a time.  What about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts on if you wish life was easier and what would that look like to you?



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