What If You Were Happy All The Time?

Happiness is a choice

Happiness is available to you

What if you were happy all the time? I bet you started laughing at the thought! How great would you life be if you could be happy every day from this day forward? Can you picture it? I sure can! What fun I would have! My favorite pose in Yoga is the Happy Baby pose! How can you not be happy when being a happy a baby?  However, I know you know that is not possible to be happy in a laughing hysterical way every minute of every day, because life is filled with different emotions.  We are on an emotional planet, which means that we learn and lead with our emotions on Earth.  As you grow up you learn about your emotions, and how to work with them along with managing them.  Unfortunately society has decided what deemed “Good” emotions and “Bad” emotions.  We learn as children to start suppressing our emotions and not allowing them space to process which then shows up later as anger, depression, general malaise, illness and more.

The interesting thing is, when we do feel our feelings, and look into our hearts and not our heads, we hear her voice. She is there inside telling us what feels good, and bad. What makes us sad or angry, and what makes us happy or blissful.  I know when I listen to my heart, and give her the space she needs to talk, process, and grieve, I feel happy.  I feel happy because I honored myself and my emotions.  How would feel if you took the time to love yourself enough to take that time out? Even just for a day or more if necessary? You could then go through whatever it is you are dealing with such as a big change in for example: a loss of a house, and a job at the same time.  This kind of double whammy or each alone can bring up tremendous sadness, grief, feelings of failure and loss.  I know the fear can be overwhelming too.  The good news is that when you take the time to sit, process and grieve, it is much easier to pull yourself up by your big girl boots and get on with the show which is your life.

I had to do this recently. I had a few major life changes happen all in two months, and wow did I have to look fear in the eye, and my shadow side. I had to let go of the past and my ideas of what life should be like at this point, and just grieve. It took a week but after allowing the space to do that, I found my joy. I found my happy.  I now am back to most days being able to look challenges in the eye with a baseline of happy.  I smile at people I come in contact with, I introduce myself, I make pleasant conversation, I look people in the eye, I engage in life.  I am in my life, I am in my heart center and I glow.  I feel energized! Have you noticed in your own life, that the best part of leading with a baseline of happy is that the world can respond to you, and assist you to get you where you want to go?  People love to talk to happy people. They want to assist you, talk to you, network with you.  Being happy is your ticket to success in life. The only key is you can not have any attachment to people’s reactions to you positively or negatively.  You are happy only because it feels good to you.  Your smile is for you, without needing anything in return. If you get lucky and one comes back at you what a great day!

How are you glowing? How are you cultivating your happiness every day? Life is short. How are you creating your joy? I would love to hear your experiences. Please comment below.

Love & Light,


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