What is Sedona, Arizona Really?

DSedona Viewo you even wonder what is Sedona Arizona really? It is definitely a city in Arizona, that is an hour and a half north of Phoenix in the United States of America.  It is known for its majestic red rocks, white sandstones,  and the amazing energy vortexes.  However, it is also is a a place that allows for your transformation.   It is a place known for creating a space and energy for you to shift into your authentic self. How can a place create a “space” to shift you into a higher vibration or into your true self? Some of it has to do with the Earth itself.  Sedona is where the Earth is alive.  It is one of the power centers on Earth, where the Earth is pulsing with energy and vibrating at a very fast pace.  This aliveness allows you to access your inner nature more readily and easily. It allows you to access your subconscious mind through journeys and meditations without much effort or struggle while calming the mind.  One of the reasons it is so easy to access who you really are when you are in Sedona, is that Nature is everywhere, even when you are driving around it engulfs you with its beauty.  I love when I am out on the land for a hike, you just want to hike and walk forever.  It is so beautiful how the red sand reflects the light mixed with the white sandstone, and also how if feels beneath your feet.  You just want to be out in nature as much as possible because you feel it realigning your cells back into harmony of who you really are minus your life story, minus the stress, the anxiety or the worry.

When you are out of the red rocks of Sedona, its very difficult if not impossible to not feel. Water is emotion, and Earth is an emotional planet.  We  as human beings learn through our emotions. and since Sedona was once under the ocean, all of the rocks and land is sandstone.  This creates this incredible sensation of being in the soft energy of the sea, while you are walking around on dry land. Its such an amazing experience. You feel alive, you feel energized, you feel connected to all things.  The interesting thing when you are there, is if you are having struggles internally or in your life for example, you might feel a heightened sense of being unsettled and anxious like you can’t sit still. You might even start to cry or scream because those denied emotions, will be forced to the surface by the energy. These emotions want to be acknowledge and to be released from the body.  For me, the energy forces me to look inward and see where I am in disharmony with my true self, where I have been telling myself untruths, where I have been forcing myself into boxes that don’t fit me any longer.   The energy gives us permission to look within at our dark places with love and compassion, assists us in releasing them and shifting us into a higher state of awareness and consciousness.  I know for me, my time spent in Sedona,  allows me to do the work on myself and make those internal shifts faster than I can do at home. It allows me to release old thought patterns and move into the next level of my being in just four days.  If you are looking to release those emotions that are holding you in the past, or stuck from moving forward in your life and your purpose, traveling to a sacred location such as Sedona would give you body, your mind, and your spirit permission to allow more of who you are to come forward out of the shadow and into the light.  It is another step on your journey to Self-Love.

I would love to hear your experiences of your transformation when you have journeyed to a scared location such as Sedona.



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