What Is Your Vibration?

Summer is such a wonderful time of sun, fun, friends, the beach, swimming, exercising outdoors, barbecues, and, definitely, being outside in nature. This time of year, it is so much easier to find your joy and your happy place.  Your “high’ vibration”.  Having a high vibration, which is actually a state of being where you are joyous, engaged in life, and able to receive abundance, is the key to attracting the life you desire. 

How you maintain your energy is so important to your wellbeing, your health, and your happiness.  One thing that no one really tells us is that our feelings and thoughts matter a great deal.   I have noticed many times that people connect over shared challenges.  Who had what surgery, or illness, or who lost their job, etc.?  Although these things are important to share, it is sharing at a lower vibration.  It is more important to put energy into and to share what is going right! When we think negative thoughts, or get down on ourselves and our lives, or about what others are doing “to you,” or if you just don’t feel good about your life, you create a lower vibration.  When you are at a lower vibration, you can feel sluggish, sad, depressed, maybe anxious, or unmotivated.  Maybe you feel like what’s the point?  Nothing is going to change or get better!  I know life can dole out some tough challenges.  I have had my share. But it is really up to each of us to choose how we are going to respond and to show up in our lives. 

How we feel and how we think are two keys to what we receive in life. I know that many times you might think, what does it matter if I’m in a bad mood, anxious, or sad? I am not hurting anyone.  The truth is that you are actually hurting yourself and it does hurt the ones around you. It is a way to get others to give you their energy to make yourself feel better. This is not in integrity. Having what I call a “low” vibration, which is retracting your energy, turning inward, and feeling down, causes what you don’t want. Like attracts like. It is a universal law. 

When you function on a lower vibration, it is hard to attract positive people to surround yourself with because positive people want to be with other encouraging and happy people. It is more challenging to create that dream because you are not focused on your dream and what you need to do next to make that dream come into reality.  You are focused on what isn’t working, what someone did to you, or what is not happening. 

Being a conscious, responsible person takes discipline and integrity. Integrity to you, to your dreams, to your family, your friends, and the community you live in, and the Earth itself.  When you become aware and responsible for choosing your thoughts, your feelings, and your responses to the world, you can then be conscious to choose to turn lower vibration thoughts to things that give you joy or make you happy. This will then force your emotions, which are tied to our thoughts, to start feeling better.  For example, when I’m feeling defeated or disappointed, I acknowledge my feelings and allow myself a few minutes of “being” those feelings.  Then, I think about the bunny rabbits on our property that make me so happy, or I think about how much I love my boyfriend or my family. I think about the beach or I think about something funny.  I do jumping jacks or run in place to get the endorphins going in my body.  Anything to get me laughing or smiling again.  This immediately raises my vibration, and gets me out of my funk.  When I really feeling challenged I ask, “What can I do for my business?” “How can I be of service? “This also gets me out of my own way and back in my body, back in my life.   You really don’t want to stay at a low vibration. Having a low energy field can weaken your immune system, and also it can bring in more of what you don’t want.  The Universe is a neutral universe. It doesn’t think in terms of good and bad as humans do.  It just responds to energy.

If you stay in integrity with your Soul’s desires, and what is the next correct action for you and your goals, the easier it will be to be happy and to be at a high vibration, which will allow you to manifest the life you desire.



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