Carolyn Goldfarb

It is a terrible feeling to be out of touch with your authentic self and what your heart is trying to communicate to you. We are all so full of other peoples’ voices, all their “should’s” and “have to’s”, that it is really challenging to hear your own inner voice. I know what it is like to feel out of touch with my own authentic self. I knew she was in there screaming to get out and live my purpose of being of service. I knew what I was meant to do for my life, which is to assist in relieving pain and suffering in the human condition, but I didn’t know how to harness my abilities to be the most effective in the world.

Feeling stuck, in a toxic relationship and not know how to start living my purpose full out, I reached out to Deborah Skye King, CEO of Soul Therapy International and President of Soul Therapy School® where I began the journey to healing my body, losing the 64lbs, and getting past many of my own self-created walls that had prevented me from living my authentic self.

After healing and starting to prosper financially again, I felt ready to take on the challenge of moving toward my own business, but I did not realize all the work I needed to do on the inside to get in alignment with my new business of service.  At the time, I just wanted to get out of corporate America and start my business so right then and there with Deborah Skye, I jumped in with both feet, and signed up for the WholeLife* Breakthrough Program.  

The WholeLife* Breakthrough Program put me on the fast track of transformation to who I really am, and to connect me to my true self. 

The WholeLife* Program gave me the tools internally to really anchor in a new way of being in the world and gave me the confidence to keep off the weight, remove myself from toxic relationships, free myself from my addictions, gain control of my life, and finally live life for me instead of everyone else, and to start to use my gifts to be of service to truly help others in their lives and transformations. 

After a time in the WholeLife* Breakthrough program, I again jumped in with both feet and committed to Soul Therapy School® Professional Training as a Soul Therapist. 

Becoming a Licensed Soul Therapist realigned me with my being and my true heart essence. I became a creator in my own life. I have released my co-dependent nature, along with all the toxins, metals and radiation from my body. I have realigned myself by releasing generational family imprints, and shifting the DNA that is not serving me, I have embraced my feminine receiving side, and have allowed my creative side to really come out. In addition, I have found my voice which has allowed me to finally express who I really am and move into the life of freedom where I can be an Entrepreneur, in perfect health, surrounded by loving supportive relationships, in joy, gratitude, abundance and truly free from my story. I live present in my body with a clear mind and understanding so I am better able to serve you and support you to live your best abundant life, present, happy and in perfect health.

Carolyn Goldfarb Machu Picchu PeruCarolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist with a private practice in Carlsbad, California. She is the creator of Journey To Self Love and Discovering Your Soul Intuition. Her featured program, Journey To Self Love and Self Love Retreats offer her clients an exceptional experience of exploring the depths of their hidden truths, to be free and receive a depth of love they have longed for in gorgeous locations and in the heart of Southern California!

Carolyn is known to encourage her clients to take one step outside the box, honor their soul path and say YES! to self love.  She has a thriving private practice in Carlsbad, California and an international online presence sharing her in depth work with Soul Therapist Coaching, Past Life Regression Sessions, Generational Healing Sessions and with ongoing live events throughout Southern California, New York City, and Sedona.

You can contact Carolyn for a complimentary consultation to see how she can support you on your journey to awakening your authentic self.