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Journey To Self Love To Sacred & Majestic Sedona, Fall In Love With Yourself Again Or For The Very First Time!


Sedona is where the earth is alive and vibrant. People from all over the world are called to Sedona for initiation, and transformation.  It is heaven on Earth with the Red Rocks, powerful vortexes, and magnificent empowering land everywhere the eye can see.  

When in Sedona, ones body can easily connect to Mother Earth’s energy by utilizing her power centers – the Vortexes – which will ignite your connection to her,  and your love of Self. Let’s discover together your path back to who you really are, and get real clear on your Soul’s desires.

After four days together in majestic and magical Sedona,  you will have ignited a renewed sense of your life purpose, have cleared toxic emotions, old thinking, and patterning which have been keeping you from creating the life you desire which your heart yearns for, and that whispers to you everyday, begging for you to hear its message.  

This trip will ignite your love of self, awaken the feminine and empower the parts of you that have been sleeping or hiding in the shadows. A Journey To Self Love will provide you with a renewed sense of Purpose.  You will truly connect with the woman you have been denying, and let her come out to the light shining in all her beauty and vibrancy.  By the time you leave Sedona, you will have a clear set of intentions fully outlined on how you would like to shift your life toward manifesting your dreams.

To truly manifest your desires and dreams there first and foremost must be Self-Love. 

Sedona Oak Creek Canyon

What is Self-Love?

It is when you feel complete and whole within yourself and your body. You will know in every cell that you are enough. You are Perfect. You will love your body so much that you will listen to it, nourish it, respect it and stay full grounded in it.  Self-Love is also being in alignment with your Soul and its purpose.  It is being free of toxic relationships and emotions. It is putting you above everyone so that you have more energy for others.  It is self-care, positive Self-Talk and Self-Celebration.

During your 4 day Journey to Self-Love in one of the most energizing and uplifting places in the world in which to move and shift your energy, your negative thoughts, and your body.

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Day One

Sedona SunriseArrive and meet on Thursday Morning 10 am at the Arabella Hotel – Sedona, AZ   The first day we’ll head to Cathedral Rock after a nice lunch to get energized for our hike up to the top of the magnificent Cathedral Rock.  Cathedral Rock is my favorite of all the Rocks in Sedona.  Her soft and gentle feminine energy will welcome you to this land that calls people to it from all over the world,  and will assist in clearing your day to day life, and ground you into the weekend’s self-transformation.  I love to head straight to Cathedral Rock upon arrival in Sedona because she is the Jewel of Sedona, and she transforms me from ‘City Girl’ to one connected to Mother Earth, and the land of the Southwest where I draw power, healing and inspiration.   On the top of Cathedral Rock, we’ll do a powerful healing exercise and mediation to initiate you into the weekends’ energy, and begin your transformation to discovering your love of self.

Day 2 

Sedona Cathedral Rock

After Breakfast, we’ll spend the day in Boyton Canyon the home of the Kuchina Woman , along with another trail that leads to Dead Man’s Pass and a beautiful stone bridge with a view of an Eagle Face that guards the Canyon.   We enjoy lunch at the world Famous Enchantment Resort. In Boyton Canyon, we’ll hike the Vista Trail to the Cucina Woman and connect more deeply with our feminine essence, and embrace your own inner Goddess. Part of our Journey back to Self-Love as women is to stop denying who we are as women, and putting our masculine first. We must shift into our feminine to truly create and live our lives on purpose.  We are in a feminine body, and the world has filled us with negative messages that take us away from our self-love and source of power. Together we will stop denying and ignoring her, and to learn to love her in all her forms, shapes and sizes. To connect deeply with our inner self-talk and inner critic.  We’ll do a powerful technique on Self Talk, and spend time with guided Self-Love meditation which will connect you with the divine feminine and ignite her in your being while connecting with her more deeply.  This will allow you to come back to your life in a state of receiving, more fully present in your body and able to attract more of what you do want in your life.

Day 3

Sedona SunBurst

Balance of the male/female energies within to create wholeness.  Female is magnetic and male is electric, and then there is the male/female balance for the two. We need to both attract and create what we do want for ourselves.  

Sedona l'auberge

After a leisurely Lunch at the 5 Star Auberge Hotel for their delectable dinning along side beautiful and serene Oak Creek River, we’ll head over to Bell Rock who’s energy is very powerful.  Bell Rock has three sides, it is both masculine & feminine and a third side for balance.  We will work with all three to create balance within your being.  These energies will allow you to shift and transform you on your journey to self-love. We’ll have a ceremony, discussion and meditation as we embark around Bell Rock and all her magnificence.  

You will be free to shop, or book a massage or book a session with any of the town’s famous Tarot or Psychic Reading at night.

Day 4

Sedona Cathedral Rock Oak Canyon

Our last morning will be spent with a final closing Ceremony at Oak Creek River behind Crystal Rock before we part ways to conclude our journey together along with anchoring in your divine feminine and new found Self-Love as you head back into your life.

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Journey To Self Love 

* Hotel Accommodations and transportation in and around Sedona are included as part of our group gatherings. All Transportation to and from Sedona, Taxis, SPA services, other services outside of group activities, tips and meals are not included.