Past Lives

Past Life Regression Certification Past Life Regression Therapy enables you to discover hidden aspects of your life that no longer are supportive of your overall Soul growth. If you are experiencing a block on any level in your life or feeling stuck, you may find the incredible benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy beneficial in extracting the core issue that is keeping you in limbo.

Session Offerings

  • Past Life Regression
  • Connect to your Higher Self and/or Spirit Guides
  • Future of this life progression: Provides the opportunity for you to understand your life choices and direction, and learn from yourself in the future of this life, in which to assist you in your life’s purpose and life path.
  • Advanced Future Progression: Allows you to learn from a future lifetime to gain wisdom and direction on how you can heal this current lifetime.

What to Expect

During your 2 hour Past Life Regression Session in Carlsbad, California, you will receive a 30 minute consultation, a digital MP3 recording of your confidential session and a 15 minute follow up call 7 days after your session.

Most people experience as subtle shift in their everyday awareness, emotional release, mental clarity, a lightness within their whole body, clarity of purpose, more vitality, creative insights and more energy in their physical body.

Carolyn Goldfarb A New LifeProfessional Past Life Regression Sessions – Carlsbad, CA

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Carolyn has been Certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute in Toronto, Canada. Her passion to heal core issues, pain and feeling stuck brings her compassionate and intuitive nature to the forefront to enable you to go deep into the past life that is best suited for you now.

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**** I sought Carolyn’s expertise to help me get past a “block” in my career.  Although anxious about the experience, she took a great deal of time to help me understand exactly what was going to happen, how it works and everything in between.  She also shared her own PLR experiences so that I felt more comfortable with the process.

Although it’s hard to put into words, the experience was transformative and within less than 24 hours, I have a more open heart, mind and a new internal strength.  Carolyn truly is a beautiful soul and is passionate about helping others to grow and be happy during this lifetime.  If you are looking to understand yourself at a soul level to enjoy a better life, Carolyn can definitely help you get there.  I know she hasn’t seen the last of me.   – Alexandra B.

**** I decided to try PLR after years of relentless anxiety had greatly reduced my quality of life. I was initially nervous to try a new form of therapy, but Carolyn was beyond supportive throughout the entire process. She gave me a call before the session to discuss what I should expect, and was happy to field any questions. During the session, I felt completely safe and at peace, despite the vulnerable and intimate nature of the therapy. After the session, Carolyn helped me to unpack and analyze my experience in a way that I would not have been able to do alone. It has been about a month since my session, I have seen an amazing decrease in my anxiety, and have been able to live life more fully. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone interested in PLR! – Sarah B.

**** If you never met Carolyn, you should!!! Carolyn has an amazing approach to her work as a Soul Therapist and Past Life Regressionist. Her approach allows you to discover information about yourself that has ultimately been a barrier to your self-growth. Carolyn allows you to identify these barriers in a very short amount of time that enables you to make changes that will facilitate action, personal satisfaction, inner peace and happiness that we are all seeking. 

Carolyn cares deeply for others and has a gift for engaging you in conversation and connecting you with in a different level that allows you to make the change that you have always wanted to, but could not before. – Danielle S. 

**** Carolyn is a good past life regression therapist. Since my first session, there has been a shift in my consciousness and my relations to others. I have been been navigating the world with more compassion and a healthier outlook, which is beginning to open many doors for me. Prior to seeing Carolyn, I held a lot of my tension in my upper back and shoulders that resulted in pain and discomfort. Since the first regression, that tension has melted away. Carolyn has helped me on a subconscious level to work through my emotional baggage and inherently that manifested itself physically as well — no more back pain. Recently I felt that my meditation was plateauing, after my visit with Carolyn it is now on a whole new level. I would definitely recommend Carolyn and I am looking forward to my next session. – Faviana C.

**** I highly recommend Carolyn for PLR sessions! I booked a series of sessions with her and found the experience to be enlightening, transformative and healing. She is a gifted and wonderful person and I look forward to working with her again in the future. – Liz K. 

**** Carolyn is a wonderful Past Life Regression Therapist. After one session my body, spirit and mind have shifted. I have released emotional baggage, pain and suffering from my past life. Carolyn will motivated and push you in the right direction. She offers honest advice with a nonjudgmental tone. I recommend this kind of therapy to unlock your soul potential. Looking forward to working with Carolyn again. – Rachel S. 

**** I had never done a past life regression and admittedly went into the experience interested but skeptical. To my surprise, upon Carolyn’s first instructions I was able to immediately fall into the regression, experience it and come away with many insights into my personality and life’s direction. Carolyn’s guidance through the regression felt very natural and nurturing. I felt safe and supported to explore any aspect of the regression. She is very committed to making this experience worthwhile for you. I would highly recommend working with Carolyn to anyone who is feeling stuck, looking for understanding or inspiration to move forward in their life. – Olivia F. 

**** After only one week from my PLR, I do perceive a difference in myself. The first two days I was haunted by my previous life as Abigail, and her lack of connection to others. I then realized that my many fears relating to not connecting in the way that I thought we should with my husband (and sort of blaming him) directly relate to that lifetime and how she felt about other people.  In addition, it has a lot to do with the losses and lack of connections with others in my life and how painful that has been for me.  The outcome is that I do feel a shift in my being. I’m calmer and able to put a past relationship back into its “other dimension” and walk forward on my path in this life. Thank you Carolyn! – Donna F. 

**** Carolyn was amazing to work with in many ways for my Past Life Regression Session.  I felt comfortable from the start speaking with her and getting to where I needed to go on my journey.  She takes the time to get to know what’s relevant about you, to figure out your needs, and the best way to get there.  I would definitely recommend Carolyn for past life regression therapy and will be a return client! – Jesse H.

**** I’ve been on an 8 year healing journey and made great progress and yet there was a deep rage and anger that I could not get past.  It was bigger than me. I had given up, then read the book Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss who talks of those who try and try to no avail to get past certain things, and PLRT worked.

My concern was finding a legitimate therapist. I’m thrilled to have discovered Carolyn, and knew immediately she was my “person”. Her warm, “real” presence is safe and welcoming. She makes no claims to be psychic, thank you, but rather to be your guide to discover what you aren’t able to access. I was incredibly pleased with her gifted ability to help me tap into the unconscious part of myself and the results were life changing. I never felt scared or disconnected to reality. She’s a strong facilitator. I felt lighter immediately after the session and there was a peace and a sense of understanding for why I had had these feelings.

2 days after the session, I was overwhelmed with sadness. I grief cried for almost an hour and a deep peace followed. A couple days ago, I encountered a trigger and could not help but smile ear to ear. I’m not angry anymore. It’s gone. I’m free. And I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you Carolyn for sharing your gifts and being part of my healing journey!  – Emilena T.

*Results may vary from person to person