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Before you entered this planet, came into your physical body you were a courageous soul. You knew exactly what your purpose was, who your parents were to be to you and all the lessons you were to learn through them, the hard emotional experiences, the joys and love to be felt. You were excited, eager to come and begin your journey into and through the light.

But then it got dark, lonely and sad. You felt the heaviness of what humanity had been creating and your light did not feel so bright, you endured hardships and got confused. You have sometimes struggled with the financial aspect of life and asked “What is my true worth to the world?”

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You are the same Soul with the same intentions who decided to come here to learn, grow, experience and share your brilliance in the world. The people you were to meet, the children you were to have, the joy of experiencing love deeply and the silly laughter of playfulness. It is all still here right this very second. Your Courageous Soul knows this and yearns to be lifted out of the confusion, the overwhelm, the struggle of not filling her Spirit with the lust for life and experience the energy of incredible joy, peace and serenity.
She is awaiting her return to embrace the full magnificence of her Courageous Soul.
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Carolyn Goldfarb Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist and a Facilitator for Courageous Souls Leadership Program.
Carolyn works with women are looking for a solution for their stress and anxiety, self worth and body issues by giving them the solution to feed their Soul. 

“Carolyn attracts women who are new in seeking personal transformation, she is dedicated to healing women’s lives from the inner struggles, challenges and pain that is experienced by the split of the physical and spiritual world. Carolyn removes the obstacles that stand in your way, opening you up to self love and spiritual compassion.  Her healing abilities and insights are life changing.”

– Deborah Skye King, President & Founder of Soul Therapy School, Bestselling Author and the World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Creator of Courageous Souls ~ a Women’s Global Initiative

In this 8 week online program you will receive insight to your Courageous Soul, how you can harness her and bring her into your life to change, transform and shift her stagnant energy into one of action and create a life based on your purpose and not the conditioning of your past or those around you who think they know better than you.
 * Results may vary from person to person