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These are some of the topics we will be covering in your Soul Therapist® Session

Understanding Where You Are Stuck & Healing Your Present

Assisting in your own transformation from the freedom of your limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, and any addictions that are holding you back from the life you have always envisioned for yourself.  Is the past continually cycling through your mind in full color? Are you having difficulty in your finances with any inability to create wealth or monetary flow into your life? Together we can start to create the life you have always imagined for yourself, by providing structure, organization, and a solid foundation that is grounded in the present moment and in your body, with your feet planted solidly on the earth. This state is where you will be able to allow yourself to create perfect health, reduce any extra weight, and release yourself from your past and move into your abundant joyful life.

How To Clear Out Your Shadows From The Past
The past will keep you stuck there if you let it. It takes you out of the present moment and will have you cycling through your old stories, and reliving past events keeping you a prisoner of your story which keeps you playing small in your big life.  In an instant replay of the past, you are taking yourself out of the joy of the present moment, and creation of your life.  Let’s look at and shine a light on the shadow side together. By allowing light to shine on the shadow-self, you move into the present moment, where you will begin to create an abundant healthy life for you starting in that moment. Unlocking yourself from your past is the key to truly being in joy and creating abundance in your life in every way you can imagine!

Learn How To Be Fully Grounded & Let Go Of Your Stress
When you are not present in your body, you are not participating in your life. You are checked out. No one is home. This inability to stay in the body is due to those uncomfortable feelings that are present there from the stresses of everyday life, to a job that causes anxiety, to money worries; the list goes on and on.  Are you very stressed, tired, and/or sad? Are you feeling out of the flow of your life?  This discordant stress energy within your body over long periods of time will take its toll on your overall life, well being and health. Stress is not good for anyone and it is an epidemic in our lives today. Let’s reduce your stress to create harmony in the body and allow yourself to stay in the moment. This will provided you with a better connection internally and will ground you in the present.  If you want to truly live the life of your dreams, you will need to be present.

Clearing Your Inner Turmoil
As you have been living your life, you most likely have faced challenges, hardships and loss. All of us do at some point in our lives. How we handle these challenges is what makes the difference in the paths we take. I know for myself, I am continually seeking out help for my inner turmoil and conflicts that are caused by my fear. This fear will throw me off balance, increases my stress, and become completely distracted that is until fear is assuaged. I call this “spinning.”  Most people are very unproductive when spinning.  Nothing gets done. It takes you off track from your goals, causes you to get depressed and infects your body with self induced stress. Does this sound familiar? The Universe has your back and is always there looking to support you in manifesting the life you desire. By freeing yourself from any internal confusion, wasted mental and emotional energy, you will increase the space to bring into your life prosperity, abundance, love, joy and perfect health. I would love to assist you and provide you with new tools to in connect you to you, to your abundance and to your joy.

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**** I recently completed the 9 month Soul Therapy course with Carolyn. The transformation I went through was phenomenal. I went from whom I believed to be a strong and outspoken woman to a hear me roar woman! I was able to connect and communicate with my guides and angels as I have never experienced before. This course has definitely developed me as a whole spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Carolyn is an incredible teacher and mentor. – Mariann Clark

**** When I met Carolyn, I was in a lot of emotional pain. I could feel it in my body – curled like a black ball in my solar plexus. I could not admit even to myself, how depressed I was. All I knew was that I could not continue my life like this – my two adopted kids, teenagers, with lots of behavioral and developmental issues both who needed me desperately. I have worked at a mental health office. I have been bringing my kids to many therapists without much results. In all of this, I did not even think to get help for myself – I just did not believe in therapies any longer.

But when I met Carolyn, I followed my intuition, I took a leap of faith and this changed my life.  I completed her 6 months soul therapy session, and although I did not feel depressed anymore, I continued with the 9-month program. The black ball in my body is long gone. I have so much greater understanding of my inner child, being in the present, talking with my spirit guides, being protected by my spirit animals. I have met my inner child. It was a journey full of magic for me. I started to understand my soul’s purpose.

I have always been very interested to find a spiritual path that seems right for me. But the depression was preventing me to go on. Now I know how to be present and mindful, how to overcome stressful moments. Life will continue to challenge me at every corner, but now I have the tools to overcome obstacles to pick myself up and to cherish all joyful moments. Thank you Carolyn for everything!!! –    Juliana T. 

**** I was at a difficult point in my life when I first met Carolyn 7 months ago. I had l tried to find a therapist that could help me navigate through a very difficult/ abusive relationship. I had talked with some, none had resonated with me, one was even damaging.  So it was with reluctance and hesitation that I called Carolyn. I thought I was doing fine on my own, that I’d get through my current circumstances like all the other obstacles in my life by enduring it and changing myself to get through the hard times. I initially signed up for the 3 month Heart Awakening program, since it sounded like exactly what I needed. Within my first 2 months, I felt a profound change. I felt hope, I felt connected to my heart, and most importantly I felt a profound love for myself and a desire for change. All the anger and shame were almost like a distant memory. In fact, I hadn’t even realized how angry and how much shame and guilt I felt until I was free of those burdens. It was a no brainer to sign up for the 6 month Life Path Journey that I am currently on now. With every session I feel stronger, more connected to my heart, more sure of my life’s purpose. These changes have enabled profound changes in my life with hardly any effort at all. It was like connecting with my higher self, my guides and animals, my younger self set me on the path I am meant to be on. I look back on all the hurt and sorrow I endured in my relationship not with anger and resentment but with gratitude! Gratitude that it has allowed me to find my life’s purpose, my inner voice. It enabled me to learn the lessons I was meant to learn in this lifetime. At this point I’m all in! Can’t wait to start the 9 month Soul Expression Program!  Nicole T. 

**** When I met Carolyn five months ago, I was in the deepest stage of depression, and I almost gave up any hope to find anyone who could possibly take me out of this misery. I have tried many therapists, but I did not like the approach those therapists offered – I talked, they listened, I talked more, then more and more. I felt like a victim. I needed something different. That is when I met Carolyn. After just one Soul Therapist Session with her, I found something that seemed to have been lost forever – Hope! She did not allow me to feel like a victim any more, she made me realize that I am in charge of my life. Week by week, I started feeling stronger, more cheerful, more optimistic, faithful. I started believe in myself again. Carolyn helped me realize that I was wasting my time on meaningless activities and taking away from the things that would bring me true happiness. With this new insight, I was able to set and accomplish the goals that I was not able to complete for months even years. Carolyn is a gift to all who cross her path. She is the best investment I have made. I know that the best is yet to come. Her guidance, and motivation will always be a part of my soul now.  Olga K. 

**** Carolyn is truly a gift. She was put in my path, by no accident, at a time when I needed help. I began to make changes in my life a few years ago and knew I was on the right path, but sometimes we need guidance. With her help I began to discover important epiphanies that had me stuck in the past and I was able to begin to overcome deep sadness and understand why I repeated the same patterns. For over two decades I woke up with a dark cloud over my head every morning. It is now gone, even in the face of new health issues I began experiencing, which brought me to a whole new level of fear. Carolyn walked me through, and led me to make some important decisions I was unable to initiate on my own. She has miraculous gifts of love, compassion and support that shine through in her work. By virtue of her wisdom, direction and huge heart, she has changed my life in so many ways. I am eternally grateful.  Jerri Johns

**** Having come from only doing one-on-ones, my favorite part of the three hours was being able to listen to other people’s stories. Through the sharing, you can see and hear things in a new way, By opening up and relating to the other women in the group, I was able to come to new realizations about my own story.

I didn’t realize how much I second guessed my instinct when answering some of the questions, but the one thing I did not hesitate on was my desire to create. My belief in my own creations has definitely gotten stronger since the session. Because of the energy the other women brought into the seminar, the theme of the night was about unrequited love and relationships. The session brought up things I had not thought about in a while and things that had not come up in my one-on-ons. I learned more about my happiness and how much I do want to open up and give and receive real love.

The most powerful part of this seminar was being in it together. You write your answers down and then you share them. This was a truly shared experience. I walked away feeling supported and empowered– four strangers were able to connect and share and heal together. No matter where you are in your journey, no matter how far down the rabbit hole you feel, you are not alone and healing is possible.
I love Soul Therapy. It is the best investment I have ever made in myself and in my life. this is the REAL DEAL. I RECOMMEND SOUL THERAPY TO ANYONE WHO IS SERIOUS ABOUT LIVING AN AUTHENTIC LIFE OF THEIR CREATION AND LOVING THEMSELVES COMPLETELY. Side note: Carolyn is the best teacher, cheerleader, coach, guide you could ever possibly have. She is the real deal– You can feel it when you speak to her and you can see it in the sparkle of her clear blue eyes.  Alexandra Petrullo
**** I was in a really tough place in my life and knew I needed help getting out of my own head. During only my second session with Carolyn, she helped me figure out where so many of my issues stemmed from. This was something that no other therapist or psychiatrist I’ve seen has been able to help me to do. Once I discovered the source of my issues, Carolyn helped me progressively work on strengthening the weaknesses I’d developed over the course of my life. Recognizing and understanding why I think the way I do allowed us to redirect my thinking and focus on more positive aspects of my life. Without Carolyn, I wouldn’t be able to step outside myself when I’m exhibiting the behaviors that are detrimental to my mental health, see the pattern, and put a stop to it. I’m grateful for my experience with Carolyn. She truly cares about her clients and wants to help them. Jennifer O.
I came to Carolyn because I was at a point in my life where I just felt “stuck”.  I was stuck in a job I was miserable in, stuck in a co-dependent living situation, stuck in NY where I felt my soul didn’t resonate fully.  We set up a call and decided to do the Life Path Journey Program.  Through working with her I was able to identify all my shadows and things that were holding me back in my life.  I was able to break those co-dependent relationships without a sense of guilt and sadness and most importantly I was able to reinvent myself without someone else’s fears being in the background in my mind.  I had so much success in changing the way I felt and in my overall happiness that I decided to continue on to the Soul Immersion Program.  As a result of all of this work I was able to manifest a new life for myself.  I created opportunities for a new career path Charleston, a city that inspires and amazes me each day, and in the mornings, I pinch myself when I look out the window saying how is this now my life?  I now live with a higher sense of gratitude and genuine love for life and feel much more connected and grounded to my life.  I am forever grateful for this program and the time I spent working with Carolyn as it truly shifted my life and allowed me to move past former trauma and all the fear holding me back in life.  – Diane S., South Carolina
*** Results may vary from person to person