Journey to Self-Love – San Diego

Journey To Self Love

Journey to Self-Love – San Diego, CA

A Journey to Self Love is a where you will rediscover who you truly are at your core. In your heart where your Soul lives, where you live.

We knew who we were when we were children, but little by little the world including our parents started telling us who they thought we were as a girl, then as a teenager and as the women we are now.  We lost our compass and sense of self.  The world has a lot of “shoulds” and judgements about us women.  Is very noisy outside in the Big Apple, and inside our being on all the ways we are suppose to show up for our jobs, our families, our children, our friends and ourselves.  All those “shoulds” and “suppose too’s” can drag you down, cause anxiety, stress, and depression. We lose our voice and sense of your inner knowing and True North.  Through finding your authentic Self, and listening to the messages of your hearts desire by what your Soul is telling you, not what is outside of you, then you will be able to hear YOU and her authentic voice.  You will discover that love you are craving. The end to the searching, the depression, the anxiety, the lack of emotional connection.  When you find you, you find love. You find Self-Love.

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Let’s discover together your path back to who you really are, and get real clear on your Soul’s desires.  Through, our two hours together, you will have ignite a renewed sense of your life purpose, understand how your “life story” has held you in the past, have cleared some toxic emotions, old thinking, and patterning which have been keeping you from creating the life you desire which your heart yearns for, and that whispers to you everyday, begging for you to hear its message.  Let’s get you “Unstuck!”

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Through A Journey To Self-Love,  we will bring forth together your love of self, awaken the feminine and empower the parts of you that have been sleeping and hiding in the shadows. A Journey to Self-Love will provide you with a renewed sense of purpose.  You will truly connect with the woman you have been denying, and let her come out to the light shining in all her beauty and vibrancy.  By the end of our time together, you will feel lighter, more joyful,  more courageous, and with a renewed sense of well-being and purpose.

If you are looking to create that life you desire, free yourself from worry, stress, Fear, depression, To truly manifest your desires and dreams there first and foremost there must be Self-Love.



The 2 Hour Workshop Includes:

  • Discussion on Self-Love. What it means and how to get it.
  • What is your “Life Story” and why its keeping you stuck.
  • How to “unstuck” yourself with love.
  • How to connect to your Soul on a deeper level.
  • Meditation on a Journey to Self Love – going deep within your heart to heal and connect with her.

Cost: $50 

Place: TBD


Time:  TBD

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****I had the pleasure of taking Carolyn’s “A Journey To Self Love” group class and it was amazing! She really gets to the heart of what is blocking you, which makes you see the light on where you have been struggling. Carolyn then provided me with suggestions that I could apply in a practical manner to shift out of my discomfort and struggle. She is very thorough and there is also group interaction and sharing which I really liked. She is an inspiration to all and her guidance has helped us see things in different and better way. I am going to sign up for one of her individual sessions as well. I highly recommend it!  – Diane O. 

****I recently attended Carolyn’s Journey to Self-Love workshop in New York City and had a very transcendent experience. She helped me to look inward at obstacles that have kept me from fully loving and forgiving myself. Carolyn has the innate ability to help people become more aware of their inner soul and how powerful they are as a human being. She also guides the group on how they can connect to their spirit guides which showed me how I am always supported and loved. She creates a space that allows you to feel empowered. – Tania E. 

****  Carolyn’s Journey to Self-Love workshop NYC allowed me to examine my feelings and my past with what is truly in my heart.  She was able to help me process my next steps to achieving my soulful ambitions.  Her experience with Soul Therapy and her commitment to helping others is truly inspiring. – Nanette D.

**** I sought Carolyn’s expertise to help me get past a “block” in my career.  Although anxious about the experience, she took a great deal of time to help me understand exactly what was going to happen, how it works and everything in between.  She also shared her own PLR experiences so that I felt more comfortable with the process.

Although it’s hard to put into words, the experience was transformative and within less than 24 hours, I have a more open heart, mind and a new internal strength.  Carolyn truly is a beautiful soul and is passionate about helping others to grow and be happy during this lifetime.  If you are looking to understand yourself at a soul level to enjoy a better life, Carolyn can definitely help you get there.  I know she hasn’t seen the last of me.   – Alexandra B.  

*** If you never met Carolyn, you should!!! Carolyn has an amazing approach to her work as a Soul Therapist and Past Life Regressionist. 

Her approach allows you to discover information about yourself that has ultimately been a barrier to your self-growth. Carolyn allows you to identify these barriers in a very short amount of time that enables you to make changes that will facilitate action, personal satisfaction, inner peace and happiness that we are all seeking. 

Carolyn cares deeply for others and has a gift for engaging you in conversation and connecting you with in a different level that allows you to make the change that you have always wanted to, but could not before.   She is a Wooho!!! As Good as it Gets!!!  🙂  – Danielle S.

* Results may vary from person to person