Journey To Self Love Introduction

Hello this is Carolyn Goldfarb and welcome to your journey to Self Love.

Through this 3 part series we will journey together on the 3 key ingredients to Self Love.  These ingredients are the keys to your freedom from your internal pain and strife.  It is time to release those aspects of your self that are holding back and celebrate the Goddess that you are and all the beauty that is you!

It is time to embrace all of you and every aspect of you. You are a divine being and it is time to celebrate and honor your magnificence so you may live an empowered, joyful, abundant life in perfect health.

My own Journey to self-love has been an interesting path filled with tears, realizations, detoxing, healing, and many a Ah Ah!  It has not been an easy path but my courageous soul yearned to live in freedom from my story that was holding me stuck in the past. It had me reliving daily all the excuses, pain, hurts, injustices etc. that held me in a perpetual state of limbo.  I have since freed myself from my story and what can only be described as self defeated attitude that everyone else gets to be happy, thin, in love, successful and abundant and me…my life is really over and why bother.  See, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t in her soul believe that and I did everything in my power to seek out help and assistance to free myself from my pain, and my story so I may be of service and help you on your journey back to self love and joy.

I know through shear will that its possible to find freedom from my story and this 3 part series will outline for you the discoveries I made to free myself from my own disappointment to one of self love.

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