Are You Saying Yes To Your Life?

Carolyn Goldfarb Machu Picchu PeruYes! What a powerful big little word. Saying “Yes!” to your life is not easy for many people. It is choosing to be a human being who wants to live your life out fully. It is a choice to embrace life, and what your soul is asking to express. It is to embody what you came to Earth to do. I have been thinking about where in my life I say “No” when my soul, body and heart want me to say “Yes!” because saying “No” feels easier, with less risk, it seems safe. But is it?

Have you ever looked at where you stop yourself from being the full expression of you? It starts with knowing what you desire more than anything, and what is calling to you even it is something you want to just make light of, brush under the rug, and pretend it doesn’t matter. It does matter and it is important. Hang your hat on that. Many times when you want something so badly you will create distractions to fill your day with people and things that do not get you closer to your goals. I know that there are things that have to be done, but there is always time for you if you make the time. Always. Schedule it. Even if it is only for a few hours a week, make it happen. This is for you, for your happiness. See where you can put off some tasks that do not fulfill you and use as an excuse to hide from a challenge that might get you closer to your heart’s desire.

A lot of times, you want something so badly that you sabotage that very thing as it starts to show up in your life.   You create roadblocks and allow your fear or ego convince yourself that the extra effort isn’t worth it, or maybe you would really prefer to sit back and watch some television instead of painting that beautiful painting or writing your next article. Maybe you would rather stay cozy in your sweat pants than getting out there in the world? The truth is, if you really truly want your real life, the big life, you will win by doing what others are unwilling to do. They are unwilling most of the time to get out of their comfort zone and say “Yes!” to opportunities that come their way or opportunities they manifested by their intention and hard work. Do what will get you closer to living a big life. Choose your happiness.

I know that I came here to do something important, which is to help relieve suffering created by the human condition through my work as a Soul Therapist. I feel very strongly about this and my life purpose. I know on a soul level and in every cell of my being that I must say “Yes!” to my purpose, so I may assist other women find their “Yes!” which in turn brings me so much joy. What is your “Yes?” Where do you stop yourself from your dreams? The world creates a lot of opportunity to make excuses and derail you from your dreams. Don’t let it. Jump on the “Yes!” bandwagon and see how you and your life transforms as the Universe shifts people, places and things around you to assist you in actualizing your dreams.

I would love to hear in the comments section below how you are saying “Yes!” to your life?



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