Bringing Forward The Feminine On A Journey In Mexico

 When I embarked on my trip to Chichen Itza Mexico for the Soul Therapy Summit 2013, I knew deep down on my core that I would have profound experiences that would open up new ways of perceiving my internal and external world. However, I was not prepared for the amazing emergence of my divine feminine self and my vision centers to be ignited. I am beyond grateful for the aspect of myself that says “yes!” to opportunities that show up in my life to assist me in my growth.

I landed in Cancun to meet the group, feeling excited to finally meet my teacher and coach Deborah Skye for the first time in person after working together for years, but also feeling drained from the cold winter I was leaving behind in Chicago and a very challenging job. On top of being drained, I was elated! I had just landed a fantastic new position in a dynamic, creative company that was excited and appreciative of me coming on board! It was amazing that the transition to my new way of being on the planet started before I even landed in Cancun. I was negotiating my compensation package on the plane and my exit from my current job at the same time. To top it off, I signed the offer letter on my first night in Chichen Itza and my vacation was well on its way!

As soon as those papers were signed, I was on my way to my transformation because it signaled to me the beginning of a new life, a happier more fulfilling experience, surrounded by positive can do energy. Yay! So I looked around at my magnificent surroundings and took in where I had landed. We were staying at the most a beautiful eco-hotel on its own secluded land backing into the jungle. It was a wonderful hotel built with love of the Earth and all she has to offer. It has a soft delicate energy that relaxes and inspires you.

In Chichen Itza, I had no idea what type of journey I would be on but all was revealed each day as the experience unfolded and profound activations occurred within me. I knew I was being healed on a cellular level every day and felt the changes in me as I felt lighter, and my body came back to its slender self from the heaviness of Chicago. For example, there was a day at the Pyramids spent in initiation which included a half of day in silence. I was nervous about not speaking for half a day, but it turned out that I enjoyed not having to listen to others, and have to constantly talk for the sake of talking, or to make others feel comfortable. It was great to just fully be present, in my body, and listening to the guide tell us the history of the Pyramids. Another day, was spent on horseback, riding to a dry jungle cenote that contained a portal which resided next to a formation in the shape of Dragon, and I had the added experience of getting to swing on a vine.

I swam in cenotes in the belly of Mother Earth which are deep swimming holes with fresh water either open deep down in the earth or covered inside the earth as cavern or enclosed cave. This is actually where I experienced my first fully alert spontaneous vision. I was not meditating or working with someone in a session. I was having a conversation in this beautiful mineral cavern deep in the Earth and all of a sudden I was taken back to another time and place swimming in that water, with my swimming companion looking very very different. It all changed and then I came back to my present reality. It was amazing to be aware that everything was different but also know it wasn’t the present time in the vision! I was sooo excited to finally have my true sight, I was beside myself!!

After several days in Chichen Itza, we set off to Isla Mujeres, the island of the Feminine. It is a narrow island off the coast of Cancun where at her very tip sits the Goddess Temple Ixchel. On this Island is where I was able to anchor in the divine feminine energy, and embrace my Goddess within who had been desperately shouting to get out as I pushed her aside daily! I had several experiences on the island that provided me with the energy of the feminine which allows us to be more receptive to what the Universe is looking to provide for us. Feminine energy opens us up to our grace within, and then to the abundance and joy that is all around all of us, every day.

On the second day on the Island, after a day in the Sun and fun in the blue Gulf waters regrouping, I had one of my life wishes come true! To swim with the Dolphins! They are such amazing animals who bring happiness and love to the ocean and to us. I was able to enjoy a swim with Simba, a wonderful incredible loving Dolphin. I will never forget it. After our swim with Simba, Deborah Skye took us to perform a sacred ceremony at the Temple of Ixchel to set our intention to the Goddess herself and solidify what we were desperately looking to achieve in the next 9 months. It had to be simple and clear. My intention for the next nine months was to find my voice, and allow myself to have the freedom of expression of who I really am, my true self to shine through, and to have my voice be a clear vessel to express wisdom, love, and more. The best part for me feeling and needing more of this sacred energy and thinking I was not going to be able to go back to this sacred space, Deborah Skye took me back to the temple for my own personal session for the Jade Program! I am currently enrolled in the Jade program which is a Shamanic mentorship program with Skye, and teacher level within Soul Therapy School. So back at the Temple of Ixchel, on the Island of Isla Mujeres, overlooking the crystal blue Gulf of Mexico water, I was introduced to my new Guides, specifically present to assist me through the Jade program over a 13 month period, with new instructions and direction was set forth, and all was perfect in my world for the first time in a very long time.

I left the Island to Cancun, with a spring in my step, ready to embrace my new life in Chicago, with the feminine shining through! I came back not only with new energy but new pure mineral based makeup, new intentions for my life, lightness in my step, and swing in my hips. I know in my heart and soul that being on the Island of Mujeres for several days, provided me with the Feminine energy to really create the shift into a softer receiving energy as the dominant force, moving into balance with the masculine action based energy with which I have been using to function in Corporate America and in life. I decided on the Island of Mujeres to be in balance, to allow me as a woman to move forward first and foremost, and use the Masculine energy to create action but use the feminine to receive and create my new life as a Soul Therapist, Shaman, Healer and Teacher.

Carolyn & Skye Mexico

Carolyn & Deborah Skye

Cichen Itza

Chichen Itza

I would love to hear from you how the feminine and masculine energies work in your life and in your body? How do you receive and create? What drives your personal growth? Does something drive you to seek balance? Please let me know.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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