Gratitude is the Key to Manifesting Your Dreams. Do You Have Enough?

GratitudeI always thought I was a grateful. Grateful everyday for being alive, for the ability to walk, talk, think and be successful in the world. I have family, friends, roof over my head, well-educated, physically and mentally strong, fun, kind and loving, and was raised with love. I am super grateful to be back in New York City, my home. I am grateful to be me.

Also, every night before bed I have a ritual and it involves keeping a grateful journal. I say my thanks to the Universe, and recite my intentions for my future. I also clear all of the energy that I might have picked up along the way from others during the day. Then my ritual ends with a practice of writing three things I’m grateful for from the day. I learned this along time ago from Sarah Ban Breathnach when she came out with her best selling book “Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude” back in the ‘90s. Sometimes it is more challenging to come up with 3 things at all to be grateful for at all, so I’ll just focus on the simple things that are important to me. I’ll be grateful for my comfy bed, a friend, or sometimes I’m grateful for an act of generosity or kindness towards me. I will be grateful for a fun day or a sale, or a good laugh. All in all I go to bed every night focused on what I was given that day and am thankful.  Upon waking, I thank the Earth, I thank the animals, and the elementals, my Guides and my Council, the Four winds, my family, my ancestors, the Creator and my Soul for another day on this beautiful planet and all that is provided for me. This way I start the day in a state of grace and awe for how lucky I am just to be alive for another day.

Gratitude with SunWhy is gratitude important to create in the body and in the mind daily? It is super important because it is the key to reducing the negative thought patterns in our physical minds and allows our Spiritual Body to be present in the body. I learned this in Soul Therapy School ® that it allows for our true inner mind to have some air time. I’m learning how much the mind is a tricky thing. When you are caught in your negative thinking or harping on a negative event that happened that day, say someone said something to you that you didn’t appreciate, and you keep repeating that story over and over again to different people, it gets bigger. It has more energy; it takes up space in the brain and starts a negative vibration in the body. It is now your focus. Nothing else really gets in for the rest of the day. If you switch the event, stop empowering it and giving it airtime, switch your focus to one of gratitude to being grateful for that weird job that is paying the bills right now, the negative vibration and thought pattern will switch off immediately. I did this last week. I got caught up in a negative story because I did not like what someone said to me, or what was happening around me, and the more I focused on it all the bigger the negative situation became, the sadder, more depressed and trapped I felt. It took me completely out of gratitude. Then it takes you out of being able to manifest anything positive you desire.

Thank youThis has been happening a lot to me lately. I believe I started to slip in the grateful department upon waking in the past few months, since every day seems a bit daunting to me recently.   I believe since I’ve made so many life changes, it put my Ego in a bit of a Fear state. The second it had a chance to prove that “we made a big mistake” it grabbed on to it and ran with it. I wanted to gossip, chat about it, analyze the event, and get all up and afraid. As soon as I decided to stop discussing the event, to be grateful for all the positive things that are in my life today, including my perfect health, I felt better, less sad, and was able to see a ray of light in the darkness I created. Yes, there were things that sucked about it.  I did have a right to be upset, but I’m glad I didn’t stay in that state longer than a day, because it was completely uncomfortable to be out of alignment with me. To have lowered my vibration so I was not able to really do much of anything. I got exhausted.   I didn’t want to do anything toward creating my future, helping others or just having a nice evening. As soon as I changed my thinking to one of gratitude, it all changed. Life shifted and the Sun came out. I was able to write and catch up on all my work I promised myself I would accomplish, and now I’m in a state of grace once more, I can manifest from here. I am truly grateful.

How have you seen how an event or how your story has kept you stuck? What are some of the ways you express gratitude in your life?

Love & Light,



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