Longing For What You Don’t Have? Why Not Create What You Want Instead?

Girl with Heart CloudI am guilty of this. I know if you want something you have to be it, do it, live it, breathe it. It’s the only way to have what you really want 100% of the time. I have to admit that I’ve been also been guilty of being envious of another’s success and/or their innate ability to make their desires become reality. In my observations, I have noticed a specific trait in these individuals which is available to all of us to cultivate, is that these individuals love what they do, and they do it with passion all the time. It is their purpose. They are on their path.  Being in Love with what you do includes thinking about what they love much of the time. It is part of the fabric of their day, and their being. They don’t resent it or think of it as work. Throughout my life I have struggled with putting myself in a box that didn’t fit. I was told many times that what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t be good at, I had no patience, I would not make money at helping others. I was “talked out of it” by those who love me. I know now that their fear of life and their desire for me to be ok was at the bottom of their discouragement, and I can’t change the past. I can’t even wish things were different. I know now, that its up to me to create my future the way I envision it and no one now can talk me out of it. Not even a little bit. I’m all in. I’m unstoppable. My Goal is live on purpose 100% not just my current 50% while the other part struggles to put on a smile and embrace another part of my life I don’t enjoy. I love my work as a Soul Therapist and Past Life Regressionist. I am so happy when I’m working with clients in a Past Life Regression session or speaking with a client about their Soul’s Desires their feelings that are preventing them from living fully present and in their bodies. I love my work. I love seeing the release of their burden or guilt they have been carrying with them or the freedom they now feel from releasing some of their fears. I know I am on my way to do the work full time. I have made a commitment to myself, to put more energy in creating this so that it will become reality. I think about it daily, I write, I record videos, I see clients, I am creating workshops. Concious Creation I know the more energy I put toward the life I want, the more it is guaranteed that it will manifest. The Universe works that way. It needs full intention and then energy behind the intention to manifest for you. When you desire something strong enough it always comes true. That goes for what we don’t want.

The Universe doesn’t hear the “Don’t want,” it only hears the “want.” So the best way to create your future is to focus on only what you do want only and not what you don’t want.   Say “when I” instead of “that is never going to happen.” When you say “It is never going to happen” all your hard work goes away as if you hadn’t done even one thing toward your goal.  Focus only on what you do want and watch your life shift, and move in the direction you desire.

You will be amazed at how you can manifest your dreams.

As I sit here on a beautiful cool September evening, watching the sunset over the Hudson River, my eyes tear up with the sweetness of life. I love watching young couples getting to know each other, kids gigging, parents hanging out having a picnic with friends. I am writing and recording a video. I feel blissful and happy, knowing I’m moving in the direction of creating the life I dream of and I want to share this heart felt joy and how sweet life is and how beautiful as the sun shimmers and reflects off the water, the boats and the building. I’m blessed.

Please share with me how you are moving toward creating your desires and envisioning your future in all it sweetness.

Love & Light, Carolyn  

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