What Does A “Shift” Really Mean?

Winds of ChangeA “Shift” is a positive way of saying you have made a change in your life, in your mindset, in your thought process, or in your awareness. It is an energetic transformation on a cellular level from one state to another either subtly or cataclysmically life altering. I am personally on a life path now that requires me to make daily shifts. Some days it is just a small awakening in my consciousness or a gentle nudge in a new direction or creating an action that I wouldn’t have done the day before. For example, I recently became aware of how much I still need to create stronger boundaries by cultivating even more self love, only after a couple of upsetting experiences in which I allowed others to affect my actions and influence my mood. On other days, a shift can be so transformative that I have to get acquainted with the woman I’ve become because I don’t recognize myself, within my new energy framework. It can be unnerving on some levels as the new me grasps for footing. However, it is also beyond fun to be aware of my changes because it keeps life interesting.

As much as I “think” I don’t enjoy change, in reality, I relish it. I get bored so easily.   Change, I have learned, is the only thing you can truly count on in life, because it is the only constant in the Universe. We can all count on change. So let’s embrace it as the constant in our lives and work with it. Our human need to keep things status quo or the way we always have been feels more comfortable than jumping into the perceived abyss where who knows what might happen if you say “Yes! I want to be happy every day, so what do I have to do to get there?” What changes do I have to make to my mental framework, my environment, my health, my relationships, and in my attitude to get my desired goal? My goal simply has always been to be happy. I work daily to maintain it now that I’ve found it.

See, I understand all too well how consistent happiness can feel allusive. I am speaking of the kind happiness that runs like a current in your well-being, fueling you, creating joy, and creating the ability to manage challenges that come up in your life effortlessly, with less drama, and creating the ability to manifest your desires. It is this joyous life force. However, so much depends on how attached you are to the way things are or have been. The degree to which you are stuck in your story, the way you handle things, grief, anger, or any attachment to the way you are now, can really hamper your progress in allowing yourself to shift and change. So, how do you achieve your desire? It is you working in tandem with the Universe, in Flow, together in a dance. It is when you allow yourself to receive the information, direction and framework for you to move beyond all that “stuff” that is holding you back from moving into the new happier, lighter, joyous, and abundant you.

So, what can you do to get comfortable with the ever changing you? How can you create and embrace big or small shifts? To me, a shift can mean anything from a small change in my awareness, such as a new “Ah Ha!” moment, as Oprah likes to say, to a major one where you feel you need to move locations, move states, change the way you dress, change your career, move onto a new life path, or just finally allowing that small voice in you to get louder so you can actually hear it and act on that very desire that you have been denying and suppressing all these years. Allow yourself to change and shift and move through life with Flow. Breathe through it, cry it out, pray, dance, exercise or take a walk in nature, talk to a friend or a Soul Therapist, and allow your heart to open. Love yourself enough to allow any pain or discomfort to move through you, clearing you of toxic emotions, thoughts or energy to create this lighter happier you! You will experience happiness in your core and feel centered, lighter, energetic, loving as you watch your Self-Love bloom and grow within you.



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