Who Is Your Authentic Self?

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The first time I asked my authentic self what she wanted for her life, I didn’t have clue who she was and what she desired. It made me stop in my tracks and begin to find out more about her. I started to explore how I viewed myself and what I really wanted from my life. I thought I knew myself well and had a great sense of self-awareness. I was sure I was living my life according to who I am, what I wanted and I was matching my life goals exactly to those visions of what I believed I should want for my life.   However, I did not realize how far off I had veered from listening to my authentic self and her desires for our life. I mean, who in your life taught you to listen to the voice in your heart? What I came to realize is what I truly desired was not what I told myself everyday I wanted, which society, my upbringing and conditioning pushed me a direction for my life, my career, and even where I lived. I believed these were all in my best interest but actually they put me out of alignment with my true desires. The reality is that you cannot manifest your heart’s dreams when you are out of alignment with your authentic self. You are only able to manifest some parts of what you want because your heart is not in it.   Happiness, focus, and powerful desire energy need to be present to manifest your dreams.

I did not realize that I hadn’t been completely honest with who I am, what I wanted and what I came here to do on the planet. Being your authentic self is more than what you might think it means, such as to be an honest person, being yourself, to not put on airs or pretenses, or to show the world the “real you!” However, you come to understand as a Soul Therapist, that being authentic is so much more than our human viewpoint of it. It is living your life in alignment with who you truly are, what you came here to do, using your voice to speak your truth, trusting yourself, listening to your heart not your head, create action behind your desires, and fostering self-love. It is being in integrity at all times to you.

From my perspective, I always thought I was being authentic in my life. I always did as I felt was best for me, I was kind to others; I had integrity with my word when it came to other people. However, my integrity to my own self was a little shaky. I shoved down that voice inside me that wanted to be heard, expressed and acted upon which was to be a healer, a teacher and a leader. It was that voice that people told me was silly, impractical, just plain wrong. The world pushed me into doubting my abilities and myself, which then caused me to make choices that kept me off my true goals and visions for myself. Your authentic self is the part of you that desires to live a powerfully expressed life. There is that small voice that wants to be heard, understood, acknowledged and loved, that part is your authentic self: your soul.

When you listen to your soul that sees and knows all, it sees the bigger picture. It knows the direction you want to go and how to get there. To start to hear that part of yourself, close your eyes, take a deep relaxing breath. Then put your attention, into your heart and ask it what it desires, where it would like to go and what it would like to do next. Then ask it the best way to create that vision by what would be the best next step for you to take? As you make that first step, then you go back to your heart and ask for the next action to take. As you start work with your heart and not your head, you will actually see how the world responds positively, by opportunities appearing, people showing up making suggestions toward your goals, life starts to show up to assist you in creating your vision from your heart. It is magical. I would love to hear your stories on how you feel as you start really living by the desires of your authentic self and how your life starts to shift in a new amazing direction in the comment section below.







  1. Hi Carolyn,

    I definitely understand where you are coming from because I have been there as well. Looking back at my past, I thought I knew who I am. Though, every time I was regressing a different past life , I would unlock different parts of my authentic self. So looking back, I was missing key information but still I have not changed as a person but more added new qualities to my personality.

    So I knew I was quirky, fun, playful and nowadays assertiveness and responsibility are some extra qualities that have been added to who I really am. I am pretty sure that in the future they will be more things I will figure out about myself. Also, I will agree to the fact about not being honest as well because fear would hold me back and it would not let me discover myself. In the end, I realized that the core fear was change that would come to my life after finding out of who I am . This goes along with how family and friends see you but I came to the realization that those who care about you will support you 100%.

    Thank you for opening up and sharing your experience!


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