Who Would You Like To Be?

I have been really turning over this question in my mind daily due to the current state of affairs in the United States and the world.  We are being challenged individually, as a community, by country, and globally. Our beliefs, our respect for each other, our protection of the environment, the very Earth we live on, the land, and our children are being held up into the light.  How will we respond? How do we want to be?  How do you want to be, think and feel about yourself, your life, and the world at large? How we show up in our own lives is extremely important not only for yourself but for every aspect of your life, such as your home, your community, your children, your friends, your nation, and your planet.  Everything begins with the individual.  It only takes a shift in consciousness to change our lives and the lives of others.
I, personally, have had the benefit of being very conscious of my thoughts and feelings and, thereby, take responsibility for them.  I am acutely aware that what you think directly effects how you feel and, then, the energy you are putting out to the world. When you are happy and thinking positive thoughts, you can manifest quite quickly what you desire on most things. I, personally, am working on learning to receive even more, to love myself more, so that I may receive my worth. The way I get the most out of my life is to show up fully in the world as my very best self, every day.  I do this by staying grounded in my body, being present, being kind, thinking of others, sending love, giving love, breathing through something that is annoying me so I can respond appropriately, being honest and truthful with my words.  How I am being in the world is important to me.
To get to the very heart of “Who would you like to be?” is to start by figuring out “Who is your authentic self?” It is by being authentic with our choices, decisions, and ourselves, that we can be free to live authenticity.  One very important exercise I do with my Soul Therapy clients that they really enjoy allows them to see if they are living their life in alignment with their internal truth of who they are. The exercise is to choose five core values.  These five core values give my clients clear values to work with in their daily lives and a tool by which to measure their life choices. 
My client and I will explore what the values that they cannot live without are, that everything needs to be measured against.  These values are the foundation of who you are.  To live authentically and in alignment with your heart, these core values must be present in your work, your relationships, your daily life, and in everything you decide to do next.  For me, my core values are unshakable. I measure everything and everyone in my world to by them. I use the image of a flower.  The main value is freedom, which represents the middle of a flower. The other four petals or touchstones are truth, honesty, integrity, and health.  The most vital  core value is in the middle.  For example, freedom for me is the most important value because I cannot live without it.  If something I decide to do doesn’t have an element of choice or freedom on the front end, I will ask “Will it lead to more freedom in my life, in the long run?”  If the answer is “Yes!”, I do it! If, however, the answer is “No!”, I decline and go in another direction. The main value is at the center of the flower, surrounded by the other four core values as petals.   They are not less significant, they just are not the center core value.
We are at a very crucial point in the evolution of human beings, and how we decide to take responsibility for our lives, our thoughts, feelings, Spirit, and Soul, allows us to be better humans, advancing us and our planet.  My main desire is to relieve pain and suffering on the Earth and for the Earth.  As each individual heals, the Earth heals.  I choose to be authentic every day, which means being honest, truthful, making healthy choices, and being free.  I desire this for you and for the planet.  Who will you choose to be?
I would love to hear your comments, and how you choose to show up in the world.
Love & light,


  1. Love the flower image. And you’re a role model for so many! Beaming love to you and as always, your words provide a space for necessary reflection. Thank you.

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